Hate my job with a passion

by Nidia Ochoa
(Sad City, USA)

My name numerology is such that I am number 7 by name. I am not good looking. All I have been doing in my life is trivial jobs, and I hated all of them.

Currently I am in a job that requires BA. But basically, I don't have job skills. All I have behind me is experience in menial jobs.

I was thinking how much I hate my job, (I know, the economy is bad and this and that), I said I would rather be dead than having to work the rest of my life in these trivial jobs.

All of a sudden, I had an accident and ended up sick enough that I had to stop working. Probably it will be for few weeks.

I hope I can stop working and have a good number of years of reading, learning, and peaceful existence.

Reply by Kannan M

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