Name Numerology Alphabets
And Name Change

Thank you for answering my latest questions on name numerology. That was informative and helpful. My question is about the effect of the worldly life number.

In other words let us say your day number is 3 and life number 2. Your lucky numbers and dates will be 3, 7 and 5.

As per name numerology, your unlucky number and date will be 9. Consider the date 16th of August 2010. The worldly day number will be 7 - because of 16= 1+6= 7. And the worldly life number will be 9. That is 7 + 8 + 3 = 18 = 9.

This No. 9 should be unlucky especially if it stood against the life path of the subject, does the world life path count?

If it does then how? Life path to life path and day to day? Or it doesn't really matter if it was unlucky or lucky for one then it's unlucky or lucky to the other?

As per name numerology, in the above example 9 is not unlucky to 3. If it is any thing it is considered to be lucky.

My other question on name numerology is about the letters. Some letters carry unlucky values to some people. Do you think it is a reason for someone to change their name? For a seemingly unlucky letter, ignoring the total value of the name number?

And what is most important? one's first name, nickname, full name, or the name he tends to use in a signature in legal papers?

My last question on name numerology is what day number means to a person? Is it your character, potentials, future, or is it something else? And does the same apply to life number and the name number?

what do these life number and name number represent in a person ?

Last but not least I thank you for your time and effort.

Advice By Numerology Expert Kannan M from Lucky Name Numerology: It is better that you reveal your identity. It is difficult to relate to a nameless, incognito, and anonymous person.

This is an open forum. You need not be secretive. Your email will not be made known to public.

I shall publish answers to the above questions in a special web page. I shall give the link here.

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And Name Change

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Mar 28, 2021
My name
by: Parag Sharma

My date of birth is birth is 2-10-1985.
Birth time: 13:29 pm
Place of birth : Kolkata.
Place of residence: Jaipur.
I am 35 running now. I have struggled and earned alot but could not built up anything and gave everything to my family. Now I am tired of doing job for last 15 years. I started doing my own business 2 years back (3And4 Consulting Services), against my family's wish, but still could not able to get good response and created liabilities on my head. My family has also ditched me, in my worse condition and they only want to accept me when I have money with me and do job. I want to run my own business and want to bounce back to my good and wealthy situation. Please guide me.

Jan 23, 2021
Any change required for my name
by: Shibin Gopalakrishnan

Hi sir
My name is Shibin Gopalakrishnan
And my Date of Birth is 17-08-1986
Should I need to change my name?

Feb 25, 2020
Should I change name or alphabet
by: R.Akhil

Dob: 13/05/1996
Name : R.Akhil
Should I change my name to get lucky and to have a bright future what should I do?

Nov 25, 2015
suggestion to change my name NEW
by: rishabh saxena

hello sir ,
my name is rishabh saxena DOB Is 18/10/1983 and my rashi is aquarius the problem is that the alphabet for my name should be "S" but my name starts with "R" alphabet , u know how difficult it is to change name these days since my age is 33 now and all my documents and educational certificate are with my original name so plz suggest me what can i do to turn luck in my favour without changing my name , or is it a big problem in future for me, should i get my name changed at this age or should i continue with it , let me tell u dat ever since i have changed my name to rishabh my destiny and everything goes against my will and desires so plz help me out to get rid of this messy situation

Feb 04, 2015
Is I have to change my name or add alphabets to my name? NEW
by: Praveen Chandra Dhyani

My DOB is 14-09-1988 at 11:57 PM,

I want to know that is I have to change my name or add or subtract some alphabets from my name?

Mar 27, 2011
Shall I change name?
by: Humza Zahid

My date of birth is 4-6-1988.My name is Humza Zahid. Is this name lucky for me? Shall I change my name?

Reply by Kannan M

Your name is not correct as per name numerology. You have to correct it.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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