Name Numerology For
Birth Numbers 7 & 5

by Anonymous
(Prefer Not To Mention)

As per name numerology, I am born with 7 and 5. It is strange that you mention that number 7 is not for material success. I have been very lucky in my life as I am currently studying medicine. I was top in my school and I didn't put in that much work. If I marry a No. 7 does that mean more bad luck?

It may be because my life number is 5 that I may be lucky. But it is very interesting and educative to read your articles on name numerology for good aspects and unlucky nature of Number 7.

Comment By Kannan M of Lucky Name Numerology

Yes. You are 100 percent right when you say that your life is so far lucky with the influence of your life number 5. There are many genius achievers with number 7. As far as knowledge is concerned the persons with 7 name numerology excel better than others.

Therefore there is no wonder that you are good in you studies. But it is unwise and most unlucky for you to marry a 7 person. As per name numerology, a person born with 2 & 6 or 6 & 2 as his birth day numerology numbers will be your ideal choice.

No. 2 has excellent rapport and numerology compatibility with number 7. Even then unless you have a perfect name, be prepared for daily misunderstandings, quarrels, fights, court cases, separation, divorce, second marriage, and delay in birth of kids caused by your 7 name numerology.

How can you correct these predicaments? Simple. Apply for name correction through the contact page in this web site and safe guard your future, married life, and that of your children.

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