Name Numerology For
Life With Eight (8)

by faisal mahmood alvi
(karachi , pakistan)

Is there a solution in Name Numerology for my case? I tell you my story in a nut shell. Now tell me if I am lucky or unlucky.

My Name : Faisal Mahmood alvi
b/date: 2nd Dec 1974 2 & 8
time of birth : 6am
place Karachi, Pakistan

I am very successful but always after very hard struggle I don't know why. My efforts are very high and I dislike losers that is why I never step back till I make my goal. That is why I am successful.

But on the other hand I see many people around me doing there jobs and achieve success with less efforts comparatively than me. But if some buddy says that I am unlucky that is wrong. I am a lucky one and I achieve great success.

I was born on 2nd but I am not shy but most of the numerologist says birth number 2 is shy. Always people think number 8 means accident and death every buddy will die either he has 5, 6, or 9 etc.

When I was just 20 years I made accident in my car and had total loss but by the grace of almighty GOD I was safe. Totally safe even there is not a single scratch on my body.

So why people change name and think about name numerology? And one more thing if my case is exceptional please explain and tell me as per your knowledge what words I change in my name.

If you advice me then I will tell you if I will feel it will make some changes happen in my life. Faisal Mahmood Alvi.

Reply by Kannan M

No one truly knows the heights of success. In a philosophic angle that poor man who is contented is richer than the richest millionaire. Even lazy people can hide behind that holy facade whereas truly they are too lazy to work.

Name Numerology is for people with desire and drive to work. They work hard hard but meet with lots of delays and disappointments in their lives. To correct this they use name numerology as a medicine to cure their bad luck.

In your case, your name is FAISAL MAHMOOD ALVI which comes in 17 + 32 + 11 = 60, which is a very successful number. Your name Mahmood is in 32 in 5 which has the properties to cure the impediments of Saturn with No. 8.

However, you yourself say that you get success only after hard struggles. You had a gory accident but had a narrow escape.

If you have a perfect name as per name numerology, success and more success will come to you easily with out so much struggle. To take this option or hide behind contentment is your choice.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, & bioenergetics.

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