Name Numerology
For Number 8

by sj prajeet

Is my name wrong as per name numerology? I always fail in whatever i do. Always face bad luck. Always get bad news. I do not enjoy peace of mind. Why should it all happen only to me?

Advice By Numerology Expert Kannan M from Lucky Name Numerology: Your main name comes in 26 which equals 8. No. 8 stands for Saturn. Saturn gives his punishments then and there.

Your name starts with P which refers to Saturn and No. 8. In that aspect also you have asked the question in the right page. Avoid P as a starting letter in your name or your business name.

If you often face delay, disappointment, dejection, and defeat, know that Saturn works his havoc on you in some form. It can be through your day number, life number, or your name number as 8.

Saturn plays his role through your wife, if her day no. life no. or name number is in 8. If you marry on a day of 8, Saturn afflicts your marriage and fortunes. You must take care to avoid 8 in any form.

Refuse to get married on a day with 8 as day no. or compound no.
Do not start your business on a day of 8. Do not accept a business partner with no. 8. Do not have number 8 in your business name.

Therefore you have to correct your name. For this you have to apply through the contact form in this web site, providing all the details asked for. You will have to act on the expert advice you get.

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For Number 8

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Dec 10, 2009
Sound Business Advice
by: Monisha

I fully agree that 8 is to be avoided in any business.

Dec 10, 2009
Good Advice
by: Saro

Good Advice on name numerology for 8 about wife and business.

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