Numerology Calculation    
For Day Number
And  Compound Number

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What is Day Number?

In numerology calculation, you must know the meaning of Day No.

You have 30 or 31 days in a month. In February you've 28 or 29 days.

When you write a date what you write first constitutes its Day No. Suppose it is the 12th October 2014. You write it as 12-10-2014.

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12 denotes that 11 days have gone in this month and today is the 12th. 12 here is the day number. Reduce it further. Add 1 + 2. You get 3. In other words today's day number is 3. I will explain it still further.

How To Calculate Day Number?
Numerology Calculations

  • For Example Take the Date 28-08-1977
  • Here, 28 represents the 28th day of that month.
  • Therefore, its day number is 28
  • Reduce it by adding 2 and 8
  • That is (2+8) = 10 = (1+0) = 1
  • The day number is 1 for the date of 28-08-1977

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What is Compound

When you calculate numbers know that the Compound No. is the sum of each & every number in a date. Add all the numbers in the day, month, & the year of that date, and the total gives you the Compound Number.

The compound number is also your Life Number, if it is your birth day.

How To Calculate The
Compound Number?

  • Suppose you take 24-12-1986
  • Add up Day, Month and Year.
  • That is (24) + (12) + (1986)
  • = (2+4) +(1+2) + (1+9+8+6)
  • = (6) + (3) + (24)
  • = 6 + 3 + 6
  • = (6 +3 + 6)
  • = (15) = (1+5)
  • = (1+5) = 6
  • The Compound No. is 6

The Compound Number
And Life Number

Therefore, 6 is the Compound Number for the date of 24-12-1986. It is also your Life Number, if you are born on this date.

Importance of Compound No.

The Day Number represents its dominance in your day to day activities till you become 45 years of age. The Day Number has a planet and that planet gives its results in that period.

When you cross 45 years of age, the Compound No. takes over. It gives a direction to your life and it controls your destiny. In name numerology, when you name a person after he is 45, you have to give him a name in that name number which correspond to his Compound No.

The Compound No. in your birth date is your Life No. or your Life Path.

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