Question on Name Numerology
About Lucky Gems

by Prefer Not to Say

I have never really worn traditional gems as I like tribal jewelery and natural uncut crystals like clear quartz, Lemurian Seed, Moldavite, etc. After my name numerology consultation with you, I will be looking for one on your recommended list.

My question is: Can I wear something secondhand? I inherited a number of small pieces of jewelery from my late maternal grandmother which are just sitting in a bank safety deposit box, that can be cast in a new setting. Would that be ok?

Reply By Kannnan M

You are born with 1 & 9.

It is a mistake if one loses the benefit of gemology. More than 50 percent of the world population believes in the power of lucky gems. Kindly take guidance from my series of articles on lucky gems and gemology in this web site. Wear your lucky gems and be more lucky.

Yes. it would be okay to use inherited jewelery. But I would recommend that you try wearing them for a few weeks to ascertain their luck and then decide to retain them or discard the same.

Watch how you eat, digest, sleep, how you are busy or lazy, how your health feels, and how the events in your life shape up.

Weigh the bouquets and brick bats, and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, during the period when you wear the gems, whether they belong to the class of tribal or precious stones.

If these things measure up to your satisfaction by a big percentage, accept the gems. Or else, reject them with out second thoughts.

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Name Numerology For
Name No. 43


My name is Nikkala Kesavarao. Kindly tell me about the effect of name numerology in my life. I am very much interested in your system of numerology which also considers astrology and other scientific techniques like measurement of vibrations in our names.

Reply by Kannan M


Your name comes in 43 which is 7 and it is in Kethu's vibration. Kethu is only for higher knowledge and he is not for material progress or good sex life or marital happiness. Hence, your overall name is very unlucky.

Your second name is also in an unlucky name numerology number which is 28. This weakens the overall name in addition to Kethu's effect. Therefore, you have to correct your name as per numerology in order to enjoy good luck and success.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics.

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