Numerology Meanings For
Name Number 40

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Influence of Rahu

Numerology Meanings for 40 must be analyzed from the structure of 40. If you add 4 and 0 in 40, you get 4.

Therefore you are influenced by No. 4. As 4 is ruled by Rahu, you are also influenced by this planet Rahu.

The meanings of 40 also reveal that you are also influenced out and out by 4 and by the Planet Rahu alone.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Role of Rahu

The role of Rahu in your birth horoscope matters a lot. As per astrology, Rahu is an important Planet. It governs Arudhra, Swathi, Sathabhishta. Rahu own these constellations.

Any Planet residing in these constellations is ruled by Rahu and those planets also give Rahu’s results. Rahu also gives the results of the Lord of the sign in which he resides, and those of the planets that aspect Rahu.

Mr. Public

These factors must be taken into account when you analyze the numerology of name number 40 for any individual.

As per this science of numbers, Rahu makes you highly knowledgeable. You are the Mr. Public. What is referred to as the public opinion is yours. You are always the center of attraction for the general public.

Numerology For No. 40
Rank & Status

You will get unexpected friendships. Often some one not known to you will approach you for some help or information. Like this you acquire many friendships. You also become very famous.

As such the potential presence of Rahu in 40 raises you to a big status with great powers. You gain name and fame. You shine as a lawyer or arbitrator. People come to you for amicable settlements.

Money & Riches

Consequently you earn a lot of money and purchase assets. You get movable and immovable properties. You also invest in Shares, Gold, and jewelry. You become so rich that people are jealous of you.

Later Years

As per numerology, your extraordinary knowledge makes you autocratic in your expressions. Your friends mistake it for arrogance. After certain time like in your late forties, you are liked less and less.

Then your friends begin to see other weak points in you and start back biting. However, you shrug off bouquets and brick bats. You are bent upon achieving your targets and you always succeed.

Thankless Society

However, numerology of 40 literally ends in zero. In your later life, you find the whole world totally thankless. You had helped thousands of persons in your youth and middle age. All these become thankless.

If some one meets you, you speak to them episodes of your golden periods. You remember the name, fame, and riches that you acquired. And you also regret that your society has turned selfish and ungrateful.

When Afflicted

Numerology of Rahu becomes afflicted if it is in Saturn’s Star in your birth horoscope. Whether it is in Saturn’s Star or Sub Regions, it perforce has to give the results of Saturn. Then your life will be full of miseries.

Rahu also becomes afflicted if it resides in Capricorn or Aquarius. Why? These signs are own by Saturn. When Rahu occupies these signs, it has to give Saturn’s results. It makes your life unlucky.

Aspects By Saturn

Rahu can also be afflicted if it is aspected by Saturn. Saturn casts its spells on the 3third and tenth signs from its own. If Rahu is in such a place to receive Saturn’s spells, it turns unlucky for numerology of 40.

Negative Aspects

Name with 40 is also afflicted if it contains negative alphabet groups like war, dra, di, die, strike, lash, down, bore, bar, etc. You must closely watch your name and if you see these take expert help to correct it.

The name component words also matter. A name with No. 40 may contain negative parts or initials with 8, 6, 3, or 7. It may be inimical to your day or life number. You must engage expert help to identify and correct them.

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