Lecher Antenna  Evaluates Names,  Jewelry, &   Gems!

Kannan M

Judge The Inscrutable

The Lecher Antenna is a Gift of Gods from The Heavens! You use it to measure the occult, subtle, & mysterious vibrations in Nature.

With this, you can evaluate the sanctity of Ganges waters, or the Evil Vibrations of Ghosts!

We use it to judge the merits of the inscrutable and obscure forces in Nature which affect your Lives!
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Measure Occult Powers

And we judge the vibrations in Alphabets, Numbers, and in Your Names. We measure these occult powers which confer good or bad results on you. We also evaluate the Luck in Precious Stones, Gems, & Jewelry!

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Scientists And Saints

This Antenna was invented in the nineteenth century by an Austrian physicist, Earnest Lecher. Later dispassionate Saints, who were Scientists too, developed it to measure the other occult forces in nature.

They applied their divine powers in research, and designed it to measure the divine and occult forces! Only a well trained practitioner, who is also religious & virtuous, can get mastery over the instrument & use it!

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Measures The (+) And (-)

We use it to find out the merits & demerits of substances in Nature. You need a qualified human intelligence to correctly interpret its subtle signals. Even the most modern computers cannot measure These Signals.

We measure the (+) or (-) vibes radiated by these forces. It requires dedication, 100 % concentration, and Purity of Intent on the practitioner of Bioenergetics to be accurate in his evaluations & interpretations.

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Avoid The Pretenders

A guitar, in the hands of a maestro, can compose captivating tunes, whereas the same in the hands of a money minded quack, ceases to be a musical instrument. It will only generate cacophony and cause hurt.

Likewise, everyone cannot use the Lecher's Antenna with perfection, unless he trains hard for many years! He has to practice it like doing a sacred Tapas! Pretenders and Quacks cannot interpret its signals.

My Training With LA

I had trained since year 2003 for 10 years to attain mastery in the uses of Lecher Antenna and I have taught everything to my disciple and one of the most disciplined and humble persons in my life Dr.J. Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa and my son Vikkram Sathiamurthi who is still learning the advance lessons in Bioenergetics and Lecher antenna. It's not like a computer which can be operated by a password. It is like a Mantra which works only if You Have a Blessing!

If you want to know the numerology compatibility for anyone, or have Lucky Baby Names, or Lucky Business Names you can reach me by the contact page for your Lucky Numbers, Lucky Gemstones & Jewelry.

Life Changing Advice

I shall evaluate these and tell you if these are good or bad for you. One man's food is another man's poison. One coat does not suit another person. Find out what is really good for you. Make use of our services!

Find out whether a name, jewelry, or gem is lucky to you or not, good or bad, pure or impure, & defiled! Now click here to know the good & evil vibrations I measure with my Lecher Antenna & how I judge them.

Buy Lecher Antenna

I have to tell you that there exist many duplicates of This Antenna. Don't buy one such and get cheated! If you want the original antenna, you can reach me through the contact page in this web site.

I offer Lecher Antenna for sales. Don't buy it just for fun. A mantra used wrongly gives evil results! You'll do yourself more harm than good by trying it yourself, with out proper training.

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We correct your signature, prescribe Lucky NumbersLucky Days, and Lucky Gems.  We confirm their accuracy by numerology, horary astrology, and with the Lecher Antenna to Ensure your Success!

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