Michael Jackson Biography        Bears Witness To
Name Numerology

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Role Of Moon

Michael Jackson biography stands testimony to the most important findings in our Name Numerology.

His life is an eye opener for those interested in numerology. He was born on 29-8-1958, with 2 and 6.

Look at his birth date. His day number was 2. He was ruled by planet Moon in his Day number.

Musical Genius

As such Moon fed his imagination and fostered his talents. This shot him to great heights in music and pop shows. Spurred by his imaginations, he invented the most novel techniques and excelled as a musical genius.
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Role Of Venus

His Life number was 6. Venus rules Number 6. It means he was ruled by Venus. This planet is the Deity for all fine arts. He governs songs, music, dancing, stage shows, theaters, movies, and all television programs.

As such, Venus endowed him with extraordinary aptitude for music. Michael Jackson biography shows that even as a child of 5, he excelled the peer singers of those times with his wonderful singing on the stage.

Name analysis

The name numerology of Michael Jackson reveals many interesting clues to his life's events. MICHAEL JACKSON comes in 22 + 22 = 44. Made of 4 and 4, it comes to 8. Saturn as the lord of 8, finalized his destiny.

I have repeated often that Saturn strikes one in the most unexpected moments. Michael Jackson Biography reveals that he died on 25th June 2009. Saturn ended his life in the peak of his glory when he was 50.

Role Of Saturn

As per name numerology, you must not have your name in Saturn since he weakens your birth numbers. He causes bad names and spoils your reputation. He causes rumors, court cases, infamy, and heavy pay outs.

Michael Jackson biography proves these findings. He suffered very bad names with charges of sex with young boys. He faced court cases which spoiled his image. He doled out huge compensations to escape unhurt.

Name numerology of Jackson proves how Saturn affects people in other ways. He gives accidents, ill health, and diseases. Michael suffered all these, had vitiligo, and he repaired his face with many plastic surgeries.

Michael Jackson Biography
Exalted Venus

Michael Jackson's biography proves the powers of Venus. His shows were hall packed with huge crowds of admirers. His life number was 6 ruled by Venus. It gave him name, fame, and the attraction to pull big crowds.

Jackson rose to heights of fame in 1980 when his album Triumph sold more than one million copies. Overnight, he became famous through out the world. This is the effect of Venus which ruled his life and destiny.

Child Prodigy

Michael Jackson biography stands testimony to the fact that the 2 & 6 combination can produce child prodigies. Jackson himself was a child prodigy. He became world's most famous child singer when he was 5.

Name numerology of 6 promises huge earnings, estates, and wealth. Jackson proved it in his own life. His albums and shows broke all collection records. He defeated all competitors with his huge earnings.

The Last Laugh

However the effect of 44 and Saturn in his name had the last laugh. Michael Jackson's biography reveals that he lost all his wealth before his death. He had to face trials and more charges of child molestations.

Many people refuse to accept how Saturn will ruin a person. Michael Jackson's life is an eye opener to such people. We shall see in the next page about the effects of Saturn in Michael Jackson's life.

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