Name Numerology Glorifies       The God Force In No. 7

Kannan M

No. 7 & Its Divinity

The number Seven in name numerology, is always associated with objects which are difficult to understand by ordinary people.

Seven denotes such deep matters such as The Spirit, The Divine Splendor of Nature, and God.

When you study No. 7, you are always filled with a sense of wonder.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Seven Denotes Divinity In Concepts
Of Time And Sound

The wise men of yore understood this divine significance of seven in name numerology. In India, The God of Seven Hills is the most worshiped among all deities. Music which is sound-divine, contains seven musical notes!

If you agree that the God is the author of all creations, he is the author of the seven harmonies of music. There are seven days in a Week, and God created this division of days into Week for the benefit of Mankind.

Seven Divine Angels And
The Seven Worlds

There are seven Devas, and Seven Rishis, who according to Hindu Mythology, were the forefathers of all Mankind. Seven also denotes the Saptha Lokas or the Seven Worlds. We find Seven Archangels in The Bible.

The number seven contains the essence of these divine manifestations. This principle is successfully used in name-numerology when we use this number to design a baby name, person’s name or a business name.

Seven Planets And Seven
Basic Colors

You and I learned about the VIBGYOR of the Rain bow during our school days. Seven are the basic colors you find in the Rainbow. Seven are the number of celestial planets which govern our destiny through Numbers.

Seven Is The Unit of Divinity
Defining Nature

Like this, you find that seven is associated with the lofty creations of God, like seven notes of all music, seven colors, seven days of the week, the seven celestial planets, seven celestial angels, and the seven divine hills.

In this way seven has become the unit of time, color, sound, planets and mighty creations in Nature. In numerology the qualities of seven are taken fully into account while using the number for new successful names.

Seven Refers To Same Concepts
In Other Religions

You will find that seven is associated with divinity through out the world in all the cultures and civilizations. Seven is the number representing the same concept in all these diverse religions, cults, nations and countries.

Seven are the Rishis or Angels for the Indians, Perseans, Chaldeans, Hebrews, Cabalas and Christians. Seven are the Chakras or plexuses which control life for all mankind from Muladhara, to Sahasrara in the head.

Universal Application of Seven
In Matters Divine

Seven are the days of the week for all mankind. These days of the week are named after the same seven planets through out the world. The seven basic notes of music is the basis of all systems of music every where!

You find that seven is intimately connected with the mysterious divine force. Seven is connected with divine splendor and creations of the Divine. The quality of divinity in seven is successfully applied in name numerology.

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