Free Numerology Readings
For Name Number 96

Kannan M

Name Number 96

For a long time you have been asking for our free numerology readings for name number 96.

For you we have researched into the name numerology of 96. We have found it to be highly lucky.

If you want to enjoy this number's luck in full measure, you should have a flawless and perfect name.


No. 9 gives you the results of Mars. It makes you highly forceful. It gives you the boldness to meet any challenge in life. No. 6 offers the results of Venus. It gives you the powers of attraction and its leadership qualities.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Good Education

Most free numerology readings praise Name No. 96. This number makes you study well. You get help some how from some where to excel in your studies. Good Education is no problem for you if your name is in No. 96.

As per name numerology, many students who have 9 & 6 stand state first or university first rank holders in their examinations. They get the most honored Government Scholarships. They become an asset to our society.

Leadership Qualities

Name numerology for 96 gives you a charming complexion and attractive personality. You take the lead and also succeed in your love affairs. You achieve command over others. You have good control on your co workers.

Name numerology of 96 makes you an army officer, a major in the air force, or a navy captain. Persons with 9 & 6 excel in any profession. They become chief doctors, collectors, arbitrators, ministers, or senators.

Free Numerology Readings
Effects of No. 96

Rectify your name in 96 by our scientific methods and achieve a high level of education. You get blessed with a good family, decent home, and riches to enjoy. You acquire gems, jeweleries, and valuable real estates.

Persons with a good name in 96 own jewelery shops, casinos, studios, theaters, shopping malls, star hotels, and restaurants. Free numerology readings add that they become famous producers, actors, or directors.

Succeed Every Where

A rectified name in number 96 makes you succeed every where. What ever you think comes true. You attract one and all. You excel in fine arts, dance, and music. You adopt the win win policies. You excel in politics.

Numerology Readings for No. 96 certify that you become powerful administrators, politicians, and parliament members. Numerology for No. 96 indicates achievements in exports, imports, and Garments Industry.

Hidden Facts

Most free numerology readings do not give you all the facts. Because the numerologist himself dos not know them or he does not have the time and patience to explain every thing for free. We Do not hide any thing.

We reveal all the facts about numerology of 96. Name number 96 will suit only certain persons. Surely it will not suit every one. For example, if you are born with No. 2 or 3 as your birth date numbers, 96 will not suit you.

Inimical Numbers

Why? 3 is inimical to 6 and 2 is inimical to 9. If you have 2 or 9 as your numerology numbers, 96 will not be lucky for you. You face tall risks with No. 96. These secrets are not revealed in all free numerology readings.

Two other numbers do not go well with the name numerology of No. 96. These are 7 and 8. Since 8 is unlucky to all, and 7 is unlucky to 9, 96 will not suit if you have either 7 or 8 as your birth date numerology numbers.

The Exceptions

These are the basic rules in name numerology. But there are exceptions too. How do you know when an exception occurs? You know it when a person with an apparently defective name in 96 shines well in life.

The reason is, his name has an inbuilt compensation. He has a name in which the alphabets and numbers are positioned correctly to compensate for 2, 9, 3, or 8. This is not revealed in most free numerology readings.

The Rectification

Your name in 96 may have a name part in 2, 3, 7, or 8. This spoils the name effect. This can be rectified only by applying modern science of measurements. This is not revealed in most free numerology readings.

We adjust the alphabets and numbers differently and measure the overall vibrations. We keep doing it till we get your perfect name with lucky vibes. We do this by name numerology and measurements of vibrations.

Lecher Antenna

You can rectify such defects in the name numerology of 96 only if you know the science of vibrations called bio energetics. You must know how to correct the vibes in any name with the Lecher Antenna.

Most numerology readings do not recognize these modern concepts in numerology. Once you had only the bi cycle. Now you travel by planes. Likewise when you correct your name, you must use these developments.

We are fully equipped in these Lecher antenna measurements and in the science of bio energetics. We measure the vibes in each name component and your overall name. We ensure that your name is really lucky to you.

Business Numerology For
Name Number 96

Persons with a good name in 96 own jewelery shops, casinos, studios, theaters, shopping malls, star hotels, and restaurants. Free numerology readings add that they become famous producers, actors, or directors.

Take Scientific Help

If you are not lucky with your present name, better change it. Use  our expert help, in the contact page. We design and give you the most Lucky Baby Names, Lucky Business Names, & Lucky Personal Names.

We correct your signature, prescribe Lucky NumbersLucky Days, and Lucky Gems.  We confirm their accuracy by numerology, horary astrology, and with the Lecher Antenna to Ensure your Success!

Basic Concepts

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