Name Numerology Meanings For Name Number 1 & 10 

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Name Number 1

As per name numerology, you are allowed to have Name No. in 1, if you are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th, of any month.

You can also have Name No. 1, if your Life No. is 1. Name No. 1 will not give good results, if you have a different Day No. or Life No.

In such cases, If you keep Name No. 1, it will land you in problems.
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When Is It Lucky

You should consider that your name number is 1, if the total numerical value of your name is in any of the following range of numbers, which reduce to 1. For Example 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82, 91 & 100.

Name numerology states that you can have a name with name number 1, if your day number or your life number is 1. When 1 is both the Day No. & the Life No., you'll get most lucky results with name number 1.

Mixed Results

When you have Day Number as 1, and your Life Number is other than Number 1, your Name Number will give both happy and unhappy results which are influenced by that life number, which is different from 1.

Name Number 10

As per name numerology, to find your name number, add the values of each alphabet in your name. Reduce to a single digit. If your name is THOMAS R. VINCENT, It's = 24+2+29=55=10 & your Name No. is 10.

No. 10 is 1 or Sun & you'll be mostly ruled by Sun. Look at the values in your name. These are 24=6, 2 is 2 & 29 is also 2. 2 comes twice & ruled by Moon twice & ruled by Venus once in 6 add their influence.

Dignified Life

No. 10 denotes the movement of yogic power along your spinal cord, in a serpentine fashion, up and down through all the six plexuses or chakras. You will have a highly dignified life with 10 as your name number.

Name number 10 gives steadiness in all your activities. It gives you abundant confidence. You will get many lucky occurrences in your life, due to name number 10. It will make you quickly famous.

Maintain Integrity

Name number 10 assures you an affluent life. All your acts attract public attention. You must be careful in your moves to keep your good name. You must maintain great restraint & integrity in your dealings.

Name number 10 also promises a happy and peaceful life. You will never suffer with out money or struggle for it. You will have a commanding personality. You can be a powerful leader, if you want.

You do not enter into unlawful deals. You do not like crimes, corruption, conspiracy, & underhand dealings. You speak with clarity & authority.

When 10 Is Spoiled
Name Numerology

Name No. 10 is spoiled if the component words in your name signify negativities by 2, 7 or 8. It can also be spoiled if the spoken name does not have correct phonetics in its written form.

Name No. 10 may also be spoiled when the syllables in your name have negative meanings. Like Sad in Sadasivam, Mar in Marshall, & war in Anwar. Your Name in 10 is also spoiled If it begins with alphabet D.

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