Name Numerology For
Name Number 31

Influence of Rahu

Name Numerology for 31 must be analyzed from the structure of 31. If you add 3 and 1 in 31, you get 4.

Therefore you are influenced by No. 4. As 4 is ruled by Rahu, you are also influenced by this planet Rahu.

Numerology meanings of 31 reveal that your life will also be influenced by 3 and 1, or by Jupiter and Sun.

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Jupiter & Sun

As for 4 and 1, Rahu has excellent numerology compatibility with Sun.

As per numerology, Sun gives you strength of character. Jupiter gives you a sharp intelligence. As such these two planets with 4 make you a great intellectual. You are a scholar in many subjects. You write useful books.

Free Predictions for Name Number 31

Like Independence

As per numerology meanings for 31, Rahu gives you the great power of information. You have a sharp memory and grasp of many topics just like a computer. You store the info and reveal it suddenly stunning others.

Name numerology for 31 makes you independent. You do not care for wealth. You cherish your independence. What ever tempts you, even if it is Rahu, you do not engage in matters that you don’t like. You abhor evil.

Adept In The Occult

Numerology meanings reveal that as a result of 3, 1, and 4, you research into the occult sciences like astrology, numerology, palmistry, and hypnotism. You also research in The Scriptures like Bible, Koran, and Gita.

Name numerology for 31 further declares that you will live like an ascetic. You do not even care for your results. Even if victory comes, you do not take it to your head. You do not hanker after sensual enjoyments.

Loss And Gain

As per numerology meanings, you will have your climax when you are 31. Some force will make you lose every thing. Or you may renounce voluntarily. You will regain what you lose only when you are 37 years old.

Name Numerology of 31
The Unexpected

The quality of 31 suggests that you will be tossed about by unexpected events in your life. You will be inclined towards spiritual pursuits. You may also don the ochre robe. You may become a full fledged God Man.

Numerology meanings for 31 tell you that you will have intuition. You will even know about your end. If you have No. 1 as your Day or Life Number, you will attain name and fame. You will get a big following of admirers.

Not Desirable

Therefore, numerology cautions you that No. 31 is not good as a Name Number. It does not contribute to worldly enjoyments or worldly success. Ruled by the ascetic, you will make a poor husband or parent.

When Afflicted

As per numerology meanings, 31 will be afflicted if you have Saturn or No. 8 in your birth date. 31 will also be afflicted if you have an initial or name component word in 8 or Saturn. Both are very much dangerous to you.

Name numerology cautions you that in that case, you may drift from the worldly life to ascetic life off and on. You may lose the gain of name and fame. You may end up as a clerk in a religious set up with a low status.

Watch Phonology

As per numerology meanings, even when you have No. 31 as your name number, you must examine your name closely to see if it contains any bad alphabet group. Bad phonology can cause loss, defamation, and accidents.

Therefore, name numerology advises you to avoid negative terminology like war, end, di, die, dra, mar, bore, or bar in your name. You have to ensure that your name does not begin with P, F , O, or Z.

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Basic Concepts

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