Numerology Meanings For 97 How To avoid Failures?

Kannan M

The Opposing 9 & 7

You deduce the Numerology Meanings for 97 by analysis. 97 has 9, 7, and another 7 by adding 9 & 7.

You know that No. 9 and No. 7 are mutually inimical. 9 fights with 7. 7 fights with 9. Both are enemies.

When your name is in 97, you are subjected to the fight between 9 & 7. This fight makes you unlucky.

The Explanation

No. 9 makes one bold, commanding, skilled, and able to achieve anything. In your case 9 ignores these duties and concentrates on how to spoil the effects of 7 and defeat it. It has little time to attend to your welfare.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Unwise Decisions

Name Numerology for 97 convey that you make wrong decisions which spoil your future. You are adamant. You keep wrong company. You listen to wrong advice. You take foolish decisions and dig your own grave.

This makes you face court cases, imprisonments, and other sufferings. You are surrounded by sycophants who misguide you. Your power is snatched away by others. Or you lose it by your own foolish actions.

Numerology Meanings
Effects of Two 7s

According to name numerology you have the effects of two 7s in your life. How? Add 9 & 7 in 97. You get 16. Add 1 & 6. You get 7. There is already a 7 in 97. Therefore the power of two 7s rule your life.

These two 7s give you a Divine streak. This makes you scorn ostentation. You are not crazy about sex. You are not overt in your love. These factors prevent success in your love life and deny success in your business.

Business Numerology

Numerology meanings reveal that the two 7s give many obstacles in your business. You will not get enough finance. you will give credit to the wrong clients and lose your capital. Your profits will be low.

Your are not consistent in your efforts to run your business. You overwork some times. But your actions are delayed. Your work becomes a waste. Even if you get some money you do not know how to invest it or enjoy it.

The Remedy

Numerology meanings reveal that if you want to avoid these set backs, do have a flawless name with lucky vibes. Then only you can overcome the unlucky effects of 9 & two 7s in 97. Hence correct your name you must.

Get your name correction from an expert who knows bioenergetics, Lecher Antenna vibrational measurements, and horary astrology. He will modify your names, measure the vibrations, and decide what your best name is.

Take Scientific Help

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Basic Concepts

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