Numerology Meanings For 17 How To Avoid The Dangers?

Kannan M

Childhood Poverty

Numerology Meanings for No. 17 foretell that you'll face hardships right from your early childhood.

Childhood poverty afflicts you from your small age. Your parents do not earn enough to support your family.

You fall ill frequently. The period of illness lasts longer than usual time and the cure is frequently delayed.
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Analyze Name Number 17

You should know what Name No. 17 means to you if you analyze this No. 17. It's is made up of 1 and 7. Hence Sun plays a role in your life. So also Ketu ruled by 7 influences your life & the events in your life.

Education Suffers

Numerology meanings for 17 reveal that you'll face a lot of obstacles in your education. You'll be highly intelligent due to 1 and 7. But your parents don't have enough means to support your education.

Aborted Love Affairs

When you grow up as an adult you face problems in finding a love mate. Your efforts to love end up in failure. You're not steady. Sometimes you want to love someone and at others you want to be left alone.

Name Numerology for 17 adds that even if you fall in love, you become disenchanted soon. You show different faces and exhibit different moods to your lover. This upsets him or her and your love affair aborts.

No Love Compatibility

The 7 in 17 prevents your financial prosperity. It also denies numerology love compatibility. That's why you fail often in your love. Only a flawless name can correct these faults & make you succeed in your love.

Numerology Meanings
Bitter Married Life

Numerology meanings reveal that you're not happy in your married life. You cannot like to have the same partner every night. You misunderstand each other. Your inability to earn well makes him or her hate you.

Name Numerology for 17 reveal that you will live far away from your life partner. May be you go abroad and live there. If you try to coexist in family, trouble arises. You end up in separation or seek divorce.

Saturn Plays A role

Numerology for 17 convey that Saturn has a major role to play in your life. Why? If you add 1 and 7 you get 8. And that is the number of Saturn. Saturn affects you with miseries, misfortunes, and sorrows.

Numerology Meanings To Home Page

Business Numerology

Business numerology says that it's suicidal to have your personal name or business name in 17. If you have, you will face countless obstacles in running your business. You get raids often. Your clients cheat you.

Lucky Or Unlucky

Name Numerology tells you that you suffer like this only if you have an unlucky name. If your name's overall vibes are negative, it is unlucky. Whether these are unlucky can be measured by the Lecher antenna.

The Remedy

Like you can measure these vibes, you are also able to correct them. An able Numerologist qualified in bioenergetics and horary astrology can use these sciences and discover your most lucky & perfect name.

Numerology meanings for Name No.17 advise you to correct your name like that. A perfect name with lucky vibrations is more powerful than your birth numbers or name number to influence your life. Therefore, correct your personal name & business name and lead a happy life.

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