Numerology Meanings For 44  How To Beat Saturn’s Setbacks?

Kannan M

Obstacles & Defeats

Numerology meanings for Name No.44 reveal that you do not attain the success that you really deserve.

You are highly knowledgeable. All news about the current affairs in your society are in your finger tips.

But the Saturn in your name number afflicts you with obstacles, difficulties, and disappointments.

Hidden Danger

You understand Name Number 44 if you have a close look and analyze it. 44 means you are under the full influence of Rahu. It is he who makes you knowledgeable. But there lurks a hidden danger in Name No. 44.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Role of Saturn

Name Numerology for 44 reveals that you are more influenced by Saturn as 44 adds to 8. 4+4=8. This is Saturn's Number. Therefore you are not able to make it to the top though you are exceptionally gifted.

As per name numerology, Saturn causes all your setbacks. He troubles you with miseries, misfortunes, sorrows, and accidents. He applies breaks in your efforts to succeed. He alone causes all your obstacles.

Love Compatibility

Name Numerology further reveals that you will fall in love with the No. 1 born persons. No. 1 must be their day number or life number. If you meet with such persons, you will love them and dance to their tunes.

Name Numerology for 44 asserts that you have a good numerology love compatibility with the 1 born persons. Though Saturn will trouble your married life, it is better for you to face these troubles with the 1 borns.

Numerology Meanings
Business Numerology

Numerology meanings for 44 also reveal that you must not have your personal name or business names in 44. As per business numerology it is suicidal to have your business name in 44. That business is bound to fail.

If your name is defective no business name will help. Even if your business name is perfect, if your own name is defective, that business will wind up. If you want good profits your personal name must be flawless.

A Business Analogy

Numerology meanings for 44 give you the solution to overcome the problems given by Saturn. To do this you must correct both your personal and business names. When both names are flawless you can earn profits.

Your personal name is like the computer in the ground station which controls the satellite in the sky. If that computer is defective, it cannot command the satellite. And the satellite is bound to crash land.

The Remedy

Numerology meanings reveal that if your personal name is defective it'll spoil the success of your business. Many do not correct their personal names but correct their business names. They end up in failures.

You should correct your name so that it only has good lucky and positive vibrations. You can do it only from a person who is well versed in astrology numerology, bioenergetics, and Lecher Antenna measurements.

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