Numerology Meanings For 53 How To Avoid Bad Luck?

Kannan M

Unexpected Downfalls

Numerology Meanings for 53 reveal that you will attain good positions in life but often suddenly lose them.

It is as if you climb to the top of a difficult pole and unexpectedly fall down to the place where you began.

You lose your rank, honor, good luck, and achievements due to many obstacles in your path of success.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Mercury & Jupiter

Your success is due to the combined efforts of Mercury and Jupiter in 53. As you know 5 stands for Mercury and 3 stands for Jupiter. Jupiter augments the efforts of Mercury to make you come up in life.

Role of Mercury

Name Numerology for 53 further reveals that Mercury gives you the sagacity, speed, and efficiency in your projects. Your thinking is as fast as lightning. Many new ideas to make money flood through your imagination.

Role of Jupiter

Name numerology reveals that Jupiter blesses the efforts of Mercury in No. 53. He tones down the greed and over enthusiasm of Mercury in attaining results. He guides Mercury to take the right and honest path to success.

Numerology Meanings
Role of Saturn

Look at this number 53. On the surface it looks quite nice. But name numerology warns you that there is a hidden danger in the lives of people with Name No. 53. Because 5 and 3 add up to 8 which is Saturn's Number.

Name numerology for 53 is more under the influence of Saturn besides that of Mercury and Jupiter. Saturn applies sudden breaks with unexpected obstacles in your progress. You are forced to lose and accept defeat.

Miseries & Misfortunes

Numerology meanings warn you that if your name number is in 53, Saturn will give you many miseries, misfortunes, accidents, and sorrows. He will cause thefts, fire, and raids from the Labor, Income Tax, and Sales Tax.

Name numerology for business confirms it. In business numerology it is the experience of most people that Saturn causes fire accidents, loss and theft of property documents, court cases and jail terms.

Miseries & Misfortunes

Numerology meanings for 53 further reveal that you will have satisfactory love life. You are gifted with numerology love compatibility. But more often you have to face opposition to your love from other persons.

Name numerology for 53 predicts that you have many opportunities to make love. But it is your weakness to reveal your business and personal secrets to your love partner. This puts you often under their clutches.

The Remedy

Numerology meanings comfort you that you can still be lucky and successful with Name No. 53 if your name contains no evil vibrations. Find out an expert in measuring names and have your name corrected by him.

He will measure the vibes in your initials, main name, surname and other parts. He will alter the spelling of your name in different ways to arrive at the most perfect name that has only the most lucky vibrations.

Take that corrected name, overcome your obstacles, and attain success.

Take Scientific Help

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We correct your signature, prescribe Lucky NumbersLucky Days, and Lucky Gems.  We confirm their accuracy by numerology, horary astrology, and with the Lecher Antenna to Ensure your Success!

Basic Concepts

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