Numerology Meanings For 62  Liquor, Women & Other Vices

Kannan M

Venus, Moon & Saturn

Numerology Meanings for 62 reveal that you are ruled by Venus, Moon, & Saturn. Saturn exploits Moon.

He makes you fond of liquor & other vices. The negative side of Venus operates and brings bad luck to you.

You successes are wafer thin. You build castles in the air. You invest in weak plans & wrong projects & fail.

Venus, Moon & Saturn

Venus loses its skills of diplomacy, statesmanship, and leadership qualities due to Saturn's influence on Moon. The negative side of Moon makes you waste time, day dream, procrastinate and lose chances.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Sexual Weaknesses

Name Numerology for 62 says that you are over fond of the other sex. You shower money on them for giving company to you and lose your wealth little by little. You are not satisfied with one partner for time time.

Name numerology says that you are tempted by bars, costly restaurants, luxurious ambiance, and casinos. You take your partner to places like these and revel in enjoyment. You think it is your birth right to enjoy.

Gambling & Drinks

Name Numerology for 62 reveals that you have the tendency to gamble. You like to bet on horses and try your hand in poker games. You lose many times but boast to others telling them how cleverly you won quite often.

Name numerology for 62 confirms that you have the proclivity for liquor and drinks. You may have a bar of your own and you may play the host to its visitors. Often you become addicted to drinks and other stimulants.

Numerology Meanings
Love Life

Numerology meanings convey that you are attractive enough to entice rich sex partners. You also want more partners from all clans and races. You possess enough numerology love compatibility to achieve your ends.

Business Numerology

Name numerology for 62 asserts that this number is not suitable for success in business. If you have your business name in 62, kindly correct it from an expert.

Many followers of name numerology miss one important point here. If your personal name is flawless as per name numerology You will face less disappointments with name number 62.

However another point is also most important. Ensure that both your personal name and the business names resonate in good, healthy, and lucky wavelengths. Then even if your business name is in 62, you will surely have successful results.

Take Scientific Help

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Basic Concepts

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