Numerology Meanings For 89 
A Life Full Of Challenges

Name Number 89

Numerology Meanings for name number 89 reveal that your life is fully ruled by Saturn and Mars.

Mars and Saturn are close friends.  Hence 89 makes you escape from most of the evil effects of Saturn.

You come up by hard work from the scratch.  You overcome your obstacles by sheer persistence.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Difficult Start

Numerology number 8 says that you face a lot of troubles in your childhood and adolescence.  You live in conditions of poverty.  Often you have to miss a meal in a day.  You do not have enough money.

Tamil numerology says that when you are young you find that every one else is richer than you.  Your parents Keep struggling for income. You envy those around you and dream that one day you will also be rich.

School Life

Numerology Meanings reveal that you have a talent for learning any subject.  Though struck by poverty you vow to beat other students  by showing your talent in your studies. You read well and score well.

Books on numerology 9 reveal that you stand first in many of your subjects.  You work hard and keep late hours to study well.  You win the affection of your teachers. You stand 1st and win many prizes.


Numerology meanings reveal that though afflicted by poverty, you keep on learning many things.  You do not limit yourself with your school learning. You do extra reading and become proficient in many subjects.

Treatises on numerology 9 reveal that you are fond of machineries.  You take up part time jobs in work shops.  You work in garages with out pay just to learn how to repair a diesel engine or an automobile.

Numerology Meanings
Your Career

Numerology Meanings reveal that the 8 and 9 in your 89 draws you to join the police or military.  If you apply you are easily selected.  You shine well in these departments. You win several medals and honors.

You are also successful as an engineer.  You exhibit enviable skills in handling any machinery.  You also get injured often. You climb up in the ladder of promotions.  You reach the top sooner than others. 

Risks & Dangers

Numerology Meanings compare Saturn and Mars to two friendly boxers. In boxing you must be ready at any time for a  sucker punch. Same way Saturn keeps throwing challenges in your path of progress.

Tamil Numerology explains that sometime Saturn wins and you lose.  You face the enmity of your colleagues and seniors.  Your enemies try very hard to wipe you out.  Many times you have a narrow escape.

Prone To Accidents

Name Numerology reveals that there are two 8s in 89.   These two 8s make you prone to accidents.  You meet with accidents every now and then.  But you recover after a surgery or brief hospitalization.

Books on Numerology 9 caution you to always be wary of accidents. Prevention is better than cure. Whenever you do any thing take extra care to prevent any accident. Keep adequate first aid kits by your side.

The Balance Sheet

Numerology Meanings confirm that you earn enough money to satisfy all your wants in your later life. You get lands, buildings, jewelery, and stocks in the share market.  You are able lead a luxurious life.

You also get married and manage to lead a happy married life.  You meet with bitter quarrels with your wife.  She deserts you often.  But somehow you call her back, make truce with her, and get settled.

Business And No. 89

Numerology Meanings say that 89 is a risky number to have in your business name.  If you want to remain always in tension you can dare to have it.  But common sense says that you should avoid number 89.

Business Numerology states that you can afford a business name in 89 if it is flawless.  Such a name should be designed by an expert. Make sure that expert is well versed in astrology and bioenergetics as well.

Word of Caution

Tamil Numerology cautions you to correct your name scientifically if you want name No.  89.  What is a scientific name? It must have an overall good and lucky vibration when measured by the Lecher Antenna.

Numerology number 8 warns that If you ignore this advice, you will face all the evil effects of Saturn. All the good effects of Mars will be lost. You  will have to face miseries, misfortunes, and sorrows in your life. 

Take Scientific Help

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