Numerology Meanings For 98
A Life Full Of Miseries

Name Number 98

Numerology Meanings for name number 98 reveal that your life is entirely ruled by Mars and Saturn.

You are twice ruled by Saturn. By the 8 in 89 and another 8 when   you add 8 and 9 and get 17 = 8.

No. 8 succeeds 9 in 89. It ensures that all the powers of Mars are completely neutralized by Saturn.

Sharp Intelligence

Books on numerology 9 say that you are blessed you with a very sharp intelligence.  But you use it more for others and less for yourself. As a result of this you find yourself entangled with complicated problems.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Family Problems

Numerology Meanings reveal that you are not able to make ends meet.  Your family is constantly in a state of want. However you try to solve it you get crisis after crisis and you are not able to satisfy your family.

Tamil numerology states that this happens due to the redoubled effects of Saturn. You have got two 8s in your name number. One visible 8 in 89 and one occult 8 in 17 or 8. This makes you suffer.

Problems In Profession

Numerology Meanings caution you to be very careful in your working place. Your superiors do not take notice of whatever good you do. They tease you for no fault of yours. You are not not in their good books.

Numerology Number 8 has it that you do not enjoy the friendship of your co workers.  They think you are a wise crack.  They make fun of you in your behind. You become the star victim of back biting.

Problems In Business

Numerology Meanings advise you that you are not equipped for business. Whatever you start you are not able to finish. You find things move beyond your control. You lose your money and repent later.

Business Numerology reveals that 89 is not a desirable name number for your business. If you have your business name in 98, you would do better change it. If not your customers will swindle you and cheat you.

Risk Of Accidents

Name Numerology reveals that you are accident prone.  Accidents become second nature in your life. You have to be careful when you travel by road, train, or air. Be wary of machinery that you handle.

Numerology number 8 has this quality to catch you unawares. Though you are careful you are not able to avoid accidents. Many a time you suffer minor and major injuries. Some times you are hospitalized.

Numerology Meanings
Health & Disease

Name Numerology states that you do not keep good health. Some thing or other goes wrong with your health.  You have a very poor disease resistance. Your self healing powers are at a low ebb.

Tamil Numerology reveals that name number 89 makes you suffer from incurable diseases.  You may get diabetes or kidney disease or some such disease. You are prone to suffer skin diseases like psoriasis.

Points To Ponder

Business Numerology declares that if you have a perfect name, you will escape from the miseries of Saturn.   What is a perfect Name? It must be correct as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics.

Tamil Numerology asks you to correct your personal name and business name if these are in 89.  You can have these names in 89 if your name components and overall name vibrate in good wave lengths.

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Basic Concepts

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