Numerology Meanings For 18 Intrigues, Revolts, & Sadness

Name Number 18

Numerology Meanings decries this number as undesirable.  It gives you miseries and embarrassments.

1 is Sun and 8 is Saturn.  You are ruled by Sun and Saturn in 18.  As 18 = 9 you are also ruled by Mars.

Saturn afflicts the good effects of Sun and Mars.  He also afflicts you with his trials and tribulations.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Delays & Obstacles

Numerology Meanings advise that the numerology number 8 in 18 gives you many obstacles and delays. You face difficulties in every thing you do.  Your progress is stifled.  Your financial plans get blown up.

Tamil Numerology says that you are not able to get your daughters married.  Many persons propose but later refuse to accept your daughters.  They make big demands on you which you are not able to meet.

Troublesome Life

Numerology Meanings reveal that you are forced to live in exile.  Unable to face your creditors you are forced to leave your home town. You remain in exile for many short and long periods. You suffer for food.

Authoritative books on numerology number 8 further say that you are not able to make ends meet.  You are forced to live in poverty.  You are driven to take loans which you are not able to repay on time.

Numerology Meanings
Fear From Enemies

Name Numerology says that Saturn afflicts Sun and Mars. Sun makes you arrogant when you speak to others. They think you are head strong.  They speak ill of you behind your back.  They spoil your image.

Mars when afflicted gives you too much anger. You land up in many quarrels and physical attacks.  You attack others and create many enemies. Later you are afraid of them.  You move around with weapons.

Treachery & Conspiracy

Numerology number 8 afflicts you with the full powers of Saturn.  Your enemies plan to attack you.  They make many conspiracies to catch you. You are forced to live always on your guard.

Books on numerology 9 say that you are skilled with weapons and machinery. You keeps many small weapons.  You carry them hidden on your person  when you move around. You fear danger from your enemies.

Correct Your Name

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Basic Concepts

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