Numerology Meanings For 36 Success After Many Trials

Name Number 36

As per Numerology Meanings, if the alphabets in your name add to make 36, your Name No. is 36. 

No. 3 is ruled by Jupiter.  No. 6 is ruled by Venus. Your overall name number is ruled by 9 or Mars.

As Jupiter and Venus are inimical to each other you struggle hard in your life but achieve success.

Role of Jupiter

Jupiter gives you a sharp intellect.  You gain many intellectual skills due to the influence of Jupiter. You excel in your studies.  You do lots of extra reading and build up a vast knowledge in all subjects.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Role of Venus

As per numerology meanings, Venus makes you charming and attractive. You win recognition and support. You become the center of attraction. You undertake any business and make it a success.

Name Numerology says that you are tossed between knowledge and income.  Jupiter makes you thirsty for knowledge at the expense of wealth and earnings. Venus pulls you in the opposite direction.

Role of Mars

As per numerology meanings, Mars plays the mediator.  Suppose you are a minister and you have two deputies. Though they work in opposite directions you coordinate their efforts to achieve your ends.

As per numerology 9 Mars gives you the thirst for knowledge. He also gives you the ability to convert your knowledge into additional income. He gives you confidence and courage. He makes you to excel.

Modest Beginning

As per Tamil Numerology you begin your life modestly.  But you achieve your financial goals by persistence and hard work. You acquire riches.  You construct buildings and invest in real estates.

Family Life For 36

Numerology Meanings for 36 reveal that you spend very little time with your family. The Venus in your name number 36 makes you lean for enjoyments from the fair sex and this complicates your family life.

Numerology Meanings
Effect of 3 & 6

Name Numerology declares that Jupiter and Venus are inimical to each other.  This creates complications. You take wrong decisions. You will regret later.  As a result you will lose income and  profits.

Numerology 9 says that Mars makes you angry on your failures. You flare up for trivial things. You generate many enemies. They want to punish you with treachery.  You must be careful about this weakness.

Business Numerology

If you are born in dates of 9, 18, and 27 of any month you can have a successful business with name number 36.  Numerology number 9 reveals that your business will be successful if your life number is 9.

If Your Name Is Defective

Name Numerology warns you that all the above statements are true only if you have a flawless name in name number 36. Remember that all names in 36 are not good. There are evil names too in 36.

Tamil numerology assures that you can still have a perfect name in 36 if you design your name properly with expert help. Design your name like that and you will enjoy all the benefits of name number 36.

Take Scientific Help

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Basic Concepts

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