Numerology Meanings For 54 Rise, Fall, & Setbacks

Name Number 54

As per Numerology Meanings, if the alphabets in your name add  to make 54, your Name No. is 54. 

No. 5 is ruled by Mercury.  No. 4 is ruled by Rahu. And the total of 5 & 4 which is 9 is ruled by Mars.

The difference in 45 and 54 is that 4 comes before 5 in 45. It causes many difficulties in your life.

Less Lucky Than 45

Your life and decisions are influenced more by by Rahu than by Mercury.  This is confirmed by Tamil Numerology.You are less lucky  since Rahu lacks the acumen, courage, and spontaneity of Mercury.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Role Of Rahu

Numerology Meanings for 54 convey that in the beginning you have a modest life. Later you come up slowly. You face many rise and falls. Yet you attain name, fame, and riches by hard work early in your life.

Tamil Numerology explains that Rahu thrusts you with lots of diverse information. Hence you are more confused by Rahu in making business decisons with the help of Mercury. This allows you only limited success.

Role Of Mercury

As per Numerology Meanings Mercury drives you to do many ventures.  You do not fully concentrate in any one business.  It dilutes your efforts and you lose opportunities of grand success in any particular business.

Rash Decisions

Numerology 9 is ruled by Mars. He frustrates you with his disapproval and anger.  As a result you take rash decisions. This makes you lose your investments. You become the butt end of ridicule to others.

Mars makes you angry for trivial reasons. You become adamant. You refuse to listen to good advice. You think you are wiser than others. You fight with them. You invest in useless ventures and lose again.

Thoughtless Actions

Numerology Meanings for 54 reveal that you do thoughtless actions. You believe those you should not believe. You reveal your sensitive secrets to them. They spread it and make you lose your reputation.

You are not tired of losing. Numerology Number 5 gives you false confidence.  It makes you greedy. Your prime enemy is this greed. You want to amass wealth and restore your pride. You try again and again.

Role Of Mars

Numerology Meanings for 54 reveal that you persist recklessly. If you are not careful you lose everything. Mars in 54 comes to your rescue. You become flexible. You earn back some thing of what you  lost.

Numerology 9 by Mars makes you lean on others help to get back whatever you lost. This makes you dependent on them. Though you lead a good life you go through it with out much independence.

Numerology Meanings
Avoid The Pitfalls

Name Numerology advises you to correct your name if you want to avoid the pit falls of Name No. 54.  If you have a perfect and flawless name you will not suffer the negative qualities of this name number.

Business numerology says that this applies to your business as well.  It is not enough if your name is perfect.  If you want your business to earn good profits, you have to correct your business name as well.

Correct Your Name

How to correct your name? For this you must go to an expert who knows how to measure vibrations in your names.  He will remove the evil name vibrations and introduce lucky vibes in your name to make you lucky.

He must be an expert in name numerology, horary astrology, and bioenergetics. He must be an expert in Lecher antenna to measure the vibes in your name.  He must verify if it is lucky by horary astrology.

Take Scientific Help

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We correct your signature, prescribe Lucky NumbersLucky Days, and Lucky Gems.  We confirm their accuracy by numerology, horary astrology, and with the Lecher Antenna to Ensure your Success!

Basic Concepts

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