Numerology Meanings For 99 Brute Strength & Terror

Name Number 99

As per Numerology Meanings, if the alphabets in your name add up to 99, your Name Number is 99. 

Note that you have got two nines in No. 99. Also note that there is one more hidden 9 in Name No. 99.

How? Add 9 + 9 in 99. You get 18. Add 1 + 8.  You get one more 9. Hence you have three nines in 99.

Thrice Ruled By Mars

Therefore says Tamil Numerology, the power of Mars is increased three times. Mars indicates redness, roughness, anger, ferocity, astonishing physical strength, tenacity and toughness. You are thrice ruled by Mars.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Numerology Meanings
Rough Beginning

Numerology Meanings reveal the following characteristics for Name No. 99. You are unusually strong from your very young age. As a student you get a good education. In your school life you dominate over other school boys.

Tamil Numerology says that you always keep a crowd of boys around you. Those who obey your orders. You dictate terms to them. They do what you say out of fear. They are secretly afraid that you may hurt them.


Numerology meanings for 99 say that a defective name in 99 makes you a gangster. Mars fans your desires. Ambitions overpower you. You like to do what others fear. You join evil friends. You enjoy with women of disrepute.

Books on Numerology 9 reveal for 99 that a defective name makes you fond of illicit pleasures. You like to enjoy everything all at once. You need lots of money for your enjoyments. You get that money by hook or crook.

Crime & Terror

Name Numerology for 99 reveals that a defective name in 99 makes you a terror to others. Your brain works in criminal ways. You mix up with rowdy elements. You use this muscle power to extract money from others.

Books on Numerology 9 say that if your name is defective in 99, you grow into a gangster and become a Mafia Don. You are violent and menacing. You peddle drugs for big money. You resort to blackmail. You run brothels.

Beware of 2 & 7

Numerology Relationship Compatibility for 99 warns you to avoid mixing with persons with 2 or 7. It means those who are born on dates of 2, 11, 20, 29 and dates of 7, 16, and 25 will not suit you as a spouse or partner.

Tamil Numerology for 99 clarifies that you must also avoid persons with 2 or 7 as their Day Number or Life Number. Those with name numbers in 2 or 7 will not suit you too. They won't  help and they won't  be loyal to you.

Have A Perfect Name

Numerology Meanings for 99 warn you that if your name or your business name is is 99, it should be flawless and perfect as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. It must also be correct as per phonology.

Numerology Relationship Compatibility warns you that your business will be ruined if you have a defective name in 99. Ensure that your name vibrates in the lucky wave lengths when measured by the Lecher Antenna.

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Basic Concepts

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