Numerology Meanings For
Name Number 48

Kannan M

Fond Of Religion

Numerology meanings for 48 signify religion and renunciation. The 8 in No. 48 tempts you to renounce.

It makes you surrender to the Lord. When you add 4 and 8 you get 12. If you add 1 and 2, you get No. 3.

It means you are ruled by Jupiter. As such Saturn and Jupiter in your Name No. shape your character.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Sparkling Intelligence

Name numerology confirms this. Jupiter in 3 gives you sparkling intelligence and wisdom. You become a tireless worker in your cause. 4 in 48 drives you to research the occult. Number 8 waters that thirst.

The 8 in 48 prevents you from enjoyments. You shun small pleasures which tickle the senses. You are engrossed in thoughts. Meditation comes to you easily. You never care for your personal interests.

Full Of Sacrifice

Numerology meanings for 48 convey that you are altruistic and unselfish. Even if you get a chance for promotion, you are ready to renounce it for the sake of a needy person. He may be heartless in his request.

But you gladly sanction his wish. Name numerology confirms this quality for 48. Your friends and relatives take undue advantage of your kindness. But you have so much of kind heart that you don't seem to care.

Others Exploit You

Numerology meanings for 48 caution you that others exploit you. It is as if you are born to serve others. They use you to satisfy their selfish ends. When you give advice, they pay a deaf ear to your words.

Name numerology indicates that you will be religiously inclined even from your childhood. Your own parents oppose your views and actions. However you fearlessly exhibit your religious feelings.

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Colorless Life

It is as if Number 48 gives you a colorless life. Name Numerology confirm this. If you really wish to have success, good family with wife and kids, & a posh home, you have to correct your name.

Name numerology for 48 cautions you that you will meet with lots of opposition when you preach religious dictates to others. People avoid you. You meet with little success in winning the public support.

Numerology Meanings
No. 48 Is Unlucky

Name Numerology for 48 says that this is an unlucky number from the worldly view point. No one likes to have a number like this which makes him suffer for others. Worldly persons avoid this as a Name No.

If per chance you have this as your Name No. you have to correct your name. After years of researching name numerology, I have discovered a fool proof method to find your most lucky Name Number.

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The Remedy

If your name does not give success, change it at once. Engage a numerologist who knows bioenergetics, Lecher Antenna, and Astrology. Get your ideal Name No. Have your name finalized in That Number.

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