Numerology Meanings For  Name Number 11

Kannan M

Twice Ruled By Sun

Numerology Meanings for number 11 must be analyzed from its structure. Note that 11 has 2 ones.

As 1 represents Sun you are ruled twice by Sun. By nature you are unselfish, dutiful, and altruistic.

No. 11 is hailed as a Master No. It has special powers to give you very good intelligence and wisdom.

You plan your activities well and always aim for excellence.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

The Moon Influence

Name Numerology for No. 11 must also be looked at from the Moon's angle. One plus 1 is 2, and Number 2 stands for Moon. As such, it makes you dreamy and imaginative, with variable moods, full of ups and downs.

Moon interferes with the independent nature of Sun. Ruled by Moon, you are more skilled only when you work for others, than when you work for yourself. You can not organize and get things done for your own profits.

Hidden Dark Side

Numerology Meanings for 11 indicate that, like the Moon never reveals its dark side, you too have a secret aspect in your personality, which you never reveal. It makes you nurse secret fears about others around you.

Moon rules over water. Remember how the ocean waters swell on every full moon and new moon days, producing high tides. Like wise, off and on, waves of imagination sweep and drown your mind and intellect.

Numerology Meanings
Ruled By Imagination

Name Numerology for 11 convey that when you harness imagination, you can become a great philosopher, poet, or scientist. When imagination takes the reins, you become moody, and act as if you are a lunatic.

Moon is fond of water. Likewise, your body has a proclivity for Drinks & Liquor. The guardian influence of Sun reduces this tendency. Yet you've to be careful not to get over drunk in parties and get intoxicated.

Love For God

You are by nature God fearing and this faith helps you to advance in your career and profession. The power of Sun helps you to get easy success in business. You've to keep this faith in order to maintain your success.

Beware of Cheats

Numerology Meanings for 11 reveal your soft nature. Being emotional, you feel for others and make financial helps beyond your means. Your own people take undue advantage of this & cheat you left and right.

You resolve every time when it happens, not to go overboard and help others. But when these persons come again & shed crocodile tears, your heart melts. If you're not guarded they'll cheat you again.

When Afflicted

Numerology for 11 concludes that it is not a good name number. It is afflicted by 9 and 8, it either is your day or life number. It makes you sign wrong deals, accept dubious contracts, and cause your own ruin.

Take care not to let it continue, when your wife or business partner has 9 or 8 as their day, life, or name numbers. They will turn against you. If it happens, you have no other go, except to get their names changed.

Numerology Meanings
Components Decide

Numerology for 11 promises no numerology compatibility with Number 9 or 8. An initial or a word in your name with any of these is evil. If it occurs, you've to perform a numerology correction.

If your partner has No. 9 or 8 in his name or birth numbers, you've to remove him from business, or change his name with good numerology compatibility. You've to get it done in a new favorable Name No.

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