Measure The Luck In Your Numerology Numbers

Kannan M

Nature of 7 & 8

A visitor has enquired about the character of numerology numbers. He has not revealed his identity.

He wants to know about the worldly use of numbers. Except Number 7 and 8 all other numbers are worldly.

No. 7 does not give worldly riches and enjoyments. No. 8 makes you suffer in your worldly activities.

The Other Numbers

The other numbers make you suffer or enjoy as per the individual characteristics of those numbers. Mere bookish knowledge is not enough to scan and feel the effects of these numbers used in numerology names.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Lucky Numbers

I use my expertise in astrology to study numbers. I use actual measurements with my Lecher Antenna to judge the goodness of any number. It is what I do to identify the lucky number which suits you.

There can not be an opposition between your lucky number and your lucky dates. In fact your lucky dates are derived only from your lucky numbers. Please note that your day or life number need not be lucky to you.

Numerology Numbers
The Revelations

Among these numerology numbers 8 is not lucky to 8. No. 7 is not lucky to 7. No. 2 is not lucky to 2 or 4. You have to master the Chaldean and Hindu Numerology systems to know the correct answers.

You may ask why 8 opposes 8 and 7 opposes 7. On what basis do you explain? The answer is that these numerology meanings were revealed by God to Man. He revealed this knowledge to the Ancient Seers and Sages.

Disciplic Succession

The Seers in the Chaldean peasants and Sages of the Himalayan Valleys taught these systems to the chosen disciples. Present day knowledge of numerology came to us through word of mouth through generations.

Other Languages

All languages were revealed by God alone. He is the architect of all these languages, numerology, and numbers. The Disciples of some clans held it as Secrets and did not pass on every thing to their successors.

That is why only two of the Numerology Systems are reliable, when tested by historic events and happenings in the lives of famous people. Only Chaldean and Hindu Numerology systems stood the test of Time.

Latest Knowledge

Pythagoras invented his Pythagorean Numerology. He was more a scientist than an inspired Sage. He gave values to numbers by mathematics. But it fails in accuracy on antenna measurements and personal verification.

The Sages used their intuition to decipher Luck in Numbers And Names.

Now you have scientific instruments like Lecher Antenna to measure the name and number vibrations. You can measure the vibes in alphabets, names, numerology numbers, or any thing else that emits vibrations.

Take Scientific Help

If you are not lucky with your present name, better change it. Use  our expert help, in the contact page. We design and give you the most Lucky Baby Names, Lucky Business Names, & Lucky Personal Names.

We correct your signature, prescribe Lucky NumbersLucky Days, and Lucky Gems.  We confirm their accuracy by numerology, horary astrology, and with the Lecher Antenna to Ensure your Success!

Basic Concepts

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