Name Numerology Compatibility 
Guarantees Your Success

Kannan M

Formula for Success

When you have name numerology compatibility you attract Success!

Whether it is marriage, family, or business, you must have very good numerology compatibility.

If not you will face many obstacles, enmities, disappointments, and failures. You will end up Defeated!

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Reinforce Compatibility

Numerology compatibility begins with your name. It should be correct.

Give your name this compatibility by correcting it as per name numerology. Reinforce compatibility by using the lucky numbers, lucky days, lucky colors, lucky signature, and lucky gems.
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Day Number, Life Number , Name Number, And Compound Number!

Conflict in Numbers

As per name numerology compatibility, your Name has a Number. It is the Name Number. Your birthday numerology gives you a Day Number and a Life Number. These should be compatible with your Name No.

You have no control over your birthday numerology. Your Day Number may be inimical to your Life Number. Such numerology numbers creates obstacles & abort your success. It makes you fail wherever you go.
Why Traditional Nameology Fails?
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How to Resolve

You can solve this conflict by name numerology compatibility. Design your name as per name numerology. Ensure its accuracy by bioenergetics measurements. Double check correctness by Horary Astrology readings.

This way you design a perfect name. It vibrates well with your Day No. & Life No. Both numbers vibrate well with your Name Number. The conflict between these two is removed by the Name Number.

how To Choose Your Numerology Love Match!

Incidence of Conflict

Numerology compatibility is absent if your name number is 45 and your day number is 2, 7, or 8. If any of these is your Life Number, then also you do not have this compatibility. You have to correct your Name.

If your birthday numerology numbers are 3 and 8 and your name number is in 6, then again you have no numerology compatibility. To set it right, you have to correct your name in a favorable name number.

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Name Numerology Compatibility
More Examples

There is no name numerology compatibility between these numbers. (8& 8), (7 & 8), (3 & 6), (7 & 9), (2 & 9), (4 & 8), (2 & 4). If one is Name No. and the other is your Day or Life Number, you lose this compatibility.

If any of these sets comes to you as your birthday numerology numbers, you have to correct your name. When one is your day number and the other is your life number, you do not have numerology compatibility.

Numerology for Success In Business!

Components Decide

Numerology compatibility insists that the component words in a name should vibrate well with each other and also with the Name Number. There must not be any evil syllable as per phonology and phonemics.

If your partner has No. 9, or 8, in his name or birth numbers, you have to remove him from business, or change his name with numerology compatibility. You have to get it done in a new favorable Name No.

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Name Numerology Compatibility To Lucky Name Numerology

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