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Baby Names Meanings

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Baby Names Meanings

When you look for baby names you must have a clear idea about what these names are and their meanings.

All names contain many words and syllables. Understand their meanings before finalizing any specific name.

Examine the meaning of each word & syllable in the baby names. Make sure these convey good meanings.

Analyze Every Word
And Syllable

Analyze every syllable in its pronunciation. Understand its explicit and hidden meanings for the baby.

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Avoid The Unpleasant

When you examine the baby names meanings, ensure that every syllable has an auspicious sound. It must convey an auspicious meaning. Each syllable should have a pleasing tone. Do not accept unpleasant sounds.

While you judge the baby name meanings, ensure that you do not hear sounds like Awe, Aw, ah, Oh, and ooh, when you pronounce the baby names. Each of these sounds
conveys a sense of disaster and

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Baby Names Meanings
Do Not Copy Names!

Generally you find people go for famous names and film star names. They blindly christen their kids with these names. Remember that one’s food can be another’s poison. Such names may not, and need not, suit your kids.

Baby name meanings are ignored, while taking popular baby names. Like your child’s blood will not accept blood of another group, that name may not have numerology compatibility for your kid. In fact, it may do harm.

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Worn Out Names

Remember this, when you take popular baby names from web sites. Most of these are life less names. These are used by so many persons already. A name becomes worn out, when many lowly, average persons adopt it.

When you assess the baby names meanings, you must take help from expert astrologers and scholars. They know the etymology of words. They will detect, if a word component in any of the baby names is defective.

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Ensure Compatibility

You can also avail help from expert numerologists, who are well versed in bioenergetics. They can measure the numerology compatibility of the names, with respect to the mental and body energy fields of your child.

They have techniques to ascertain if these baby names meanings are favorable or not. They measure vibrations of the alphabets, numbers, word components, and sound effects, and decide what is favorable.

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Folly In Tradition

For example you know that Ram, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Mohammed are all holy names. But these names need not be favorable, or matching, for your kids. Like wise, famous film stars' names too, need not suit them.

When you adopt family names, you often ignore baby name meanings. For example, Singh comes in 17, and refers to 8, and Saturn. Therefore, if it is adopted through out your generation, it will give negative results to all.

Bizarre Spellings

There are practical techniques used by expert numerologists, to neutralize this negative influence. They modify such word components, with out affecting the sound vibrations, with a different spelling, and name number.

When you verify the baby names meanings, ensure that the names do not contain bizarre spellings, just for numerology. A genuine numerologist will never add such spellings. These are tricks of the half baked practitioners.

Enmity Of Numbers

You must also make sure that your baby names do not start with P or F. These letters refer to No. 8, which denotes Saturn. Will you ever like your baby names, to begin with Saturn’s evil influence, in the first letter?

So also, the word components in your baby names, should not have 8, as far as possible. Two 8s are still worse. 2, 4, and 8 is also bad. 7 and 9 are inimical. 3 and 6 are inimical. 2 and 4 also is inimical to your kids.

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