Avoid Evil Baby Names
And Save Your Kids

Kannan M

Mantra Or Curse?

When you choose your kids' names, make sure to avoid evil baby names. This will save your children's future.

Evil names are associated with evil meanings. They cause great havoc and spell disaster for your kids' lives.

A name can benefit your child as a holy mantra. It can also destroy its future potentials like a bitter curse.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Powers To Do
And Undo

Names have the power to do and undo things. Have a good name and be successful. Have a super perfect name and be most successful. That should be your motto when you look for good and unique baby names.

Our ancient sages were able to sense the powers of names. They could sense the bad vibes in evil baby names within seconds. That is why Kings and Emperors sought their advice on baby names for the Royal children.

Evil Names Ruin
Your Kids

Baby Names shape their life and activities when they grow up. Evil Baby Names ruin the Future of your Kids. It makes them rowdies, gangsters, and terrorists. They grow up as thieves, drunkards, rapists, and drug addicts.

Every letter in your baby names has a vibration. It influences the hidden meaning within the name. Mad in Madonna indicates madness. Sad in Sadanand shows sorrow. War in Eswar indicates arrogance and violence.

Some Examples Of
Evil Names

Adrian means darkness. What is darkness? It is absence of light, absence of energy, and absence of happiness. Therefore Adrian and Adriana are examples of evil baby names. Like this Kerri means dark and mysterious.

The names with Keaira, Keiran, Maura, Maurine, Melanie, Mindy, Daray, and Darcy are all words meaning darkness. These are examples of evil baby names. If your kid has such a name, you must correct that name at once.

More Examples

Take Indian names like Manoj. Here 'no' is evil. Anil has 'nil' as its evil part. Dianna has evil in 'Di with the sound Die. Names with Bran, Corbett, and Corey all mean raven and are baby's evil names. Dysis is Sun Set and Evil.

The name Crevan means Fox. You know what a Wolf is. Both are evil. Paul Drake is evil in Drake which means Dragon. Karan means Tyrant. Than in Thandon is death. Belinda means snake. Rhiannon is Witch. Keegan is Fire.

Some Famous Evil
Baby Names

Even famous names like Gandhi are negative. Gan means 'altogether gone' and Dhi shows unexpected violent end. Indira Gandhi had three evil vibes, 'di', 'dhi', and 'Gan'. She was shot dead. So were the many having Gandhi.

Sanjay Gandhi died in plane crash. Rajiv Gandhi was killed. Vinoba with 'no' had a pathetic life. Mahatma Gandhi lived as a saint. He was shot dead. Nepal Kings like Direndra and Birendra with 'Di', 'end', or 'Dra' had sad ends.

Not Easy To Judge

It is not easy for you judge the negativity within baby's evil names. The evil meanings may remain hidden. A name can have multiple meanings too. Only a specialist knowing etymology and phonology of words can do this.

It Is Our Specialty

We offer such a service. We not only identify the evils, but measure each name part with our Lecher Antenna. We verify each part of your name if it has any evil vibration. A harmless looking initial or surname too can be evil.

All these Baby's evil names contain sinister vibes. We have our special techniques to locate the evil vibes, remove them, or neutralize them. We alter your name spelling & correct your name with the overall best vibes.

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