Birthdate Numerology Compatibility  Needs                   Astrology Verification!

Kannan M

A Client's Interview

Madam, can you correct my name with birthdate numerology compatibility? Please help me! Some one asked.

It was a bright summer morning. I was busy. I looked up and saw one young man. He'd a defeated look.

He introduced himself as a computer engineer. Though he passed with 1st class, he could not win in his career.

Why Traditional Nameology Fails?
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

The Problem

Yes I can do that. I replied. What is your problem?

It is this Madam. It is my Career. I find that others who have less talents and qualifications are forging ahead of me. I am the unlucky one.

I can not get timely promotions or increments. I am always unlucky. He lamented.

Other Compatibilities

Yes, I can help you. I assured him. I shall give you birthdate numerology compatibility and much more! I shall give you astrology compatibility as well. I will also ensure bioenergetics compatibility in your name. I added.

Is it so? He asked incredulously. I never heard about it. No one told me. Can you please tell me why all these three compatibilities are important?

Analogy of Medical Exam

Yes. I replied. Now answer me. If you undergo medical exam for insurance, can you satisfy them with only your blood pressure reading? I queried.

No Madam. They need fasting sugar, urine sugar, and ECG reports. Then only they will okay my insurance. He replied.

Astrology Compatibility

It is like that with your name also. I assured him. Birthdate numerology compatibility is not enough. It works only when your name has other compatibilities. For example, it must have real astrology compatibility.

Well, why Madam, I thought birthdate numerology compatibility alone was enough to counter evil effects due to astrology.

Name Makes Peace
With Your Planets

No. It is not. I countered. Name acts as a Peace Maker. An astrologically perfect name pacifies your unfavorable planets. It makes them friendly to you. That is the purpose of a perfect name with numerology compatibility.

But unless you have this perfect astrology compatibility, your birthdate numerology compatibility will have no effect to reduce your misfortunes.

Birthdate Numerology Compatibility
Bioenergetics Compatibility

Yes Madam, I understand. He agreed. Thank you for explaining my doubts. But, Madam, can you make my name still more efficient by any other method?

Yes. I said. You must also have bioenergetics compatibility. What is it Madam? He asked. I have met many numerologists. No one had mentioned it to me.

Avoid Anti Vibrations

I shall tell you. I said. Your body and mind function by bioenergetics vibrations. If your name has anti vibrations to your body and mind, that name will make you sick, inefficient and make you fail. I explained.

Satisfy The Trio

Then what should I do Madam? He asked. You are running a sub period of Saturn causing you bad luck, I continued. It is in the sub of Jupiter, which is a benefic in your astrology chart. That is how you have come to me.

I continued. I shall correct your name with astrology compatibility and bioenergetics compatibility, besides birthday numerology compatibility. Then your name will satisfy numerology, bioenergetics, and astrology.

The Happy Tidings

Very well Madam, He chimed. It is my luck which has brought me to you. Kindly help me by giving a name with all these three compatibilities.

Then I corrected his name in my most scientific method, and gave it to him. After three months, he called me and confirmed that he had been appointed in a new job with five times more salary and perquisites.

New Page Coming

To satisfy readers with more on astrology compatibility and bioenergetics compatibility, I shall write detailed new pages on these topics. That will convince you of the infallibility of my unique system of name numerology.

Birth Day Love Compatibility

Take Scientific Help

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Basic Concepts

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