Numerology Love Compatibility Scientifically Explained

Kannan M

Love compatibility

You must analyze your lover's numerology love compatibility before you decide to marry him.

Or else you will face frequent failures, painful separations, and divorces in your married life.

The following real life story of a female client is an eye opener for all of you to realize these facts.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Important Lesson

It is an important lesson that you should learn from her experience. This client writes to me as follows. I got married 3 times but all failed. I want to lead a happy married life and I need a husband who lives only for me.

And I need a job too. I want you to analyze the numerology meanings of my details given in this submission and give me a good name correction. I choose a number from 1 To 249 as No. 33 for your astrology analysis.

Numerology Love Compatibility
The Analysis

We analyzed her numerology love compatibility. The following scientific analysis explains to you the importance numerology meanings in your life. The name of this client has two components in 15 + 11 =26 =8.

You all know that 8 is Saturn's Number. Hence her name is defective as per numerology. Her birth date is made of 2 & 3. It means 2 is her Day number and 3 is her life number. It is a weak numerology combination.

Evil Marriage Dates

Her Marriage Date was 13/8/1993. It is 4 & 7 . As per numerology love compatibility, the marriage date in 4 is evil to her Day Number 2. Hence it failed to work out. There was no numerology love compatibility.

She again got married on 22/7/2005. It has 4 & 9. As per numerology meanings, a wedding date in 4 & 9 is evil to her day number 2. Because No. 2 & 9 are inimical. Hence this marriage too did not work out for her.

Husband's Evil Name

Let us examine the name numerology compatibility of her husband. It is made of 13+13+18=44. It becomes 8 which is evil. Here again there is no numerology love compatibility. Hence she failed in this marriage too.

Note that his name contains two parts each in 13 adding to 4 that is evil to her Day No. 2. Her husband was born on 8/5/1954 = 8 & 5. As per numerology meanings, his name is evil to his Life No. 8. Hence he failed.

Danger in No. 5

Further as a man with 5 as life number, he may change his numerology love match often. You can not expect him to be steady with one love. This made him fail as a good long time if not permanent husband.

Scientific Analysis

You can not get this kind of scientific analysis from any where else on the internet. It is beyond the scope of a numerology love calculator. We avoided mentioning her name to protect the personal secrets in her life.

Consult The Expert

This is why you must consult a good numerologist who is also an expert in astrology and bioenergetics. If she had consulted such a person, he would have advised her not to marry those guys and end up in divorce.

We erected a horary astrology chart for this number 33. You get much more important details in this article too. If you want to know why his client failed in marriage, this article tells you by astrology analysis.

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