Birthday Numerology
And Name Number 92

Kannan M

Numerology 8

Birthday Numerology is important to decide your Lucky Name. You judge it from your Day No. and Life No.

Name Numerology says that your Name No. is 92 if all the alphabets in your name add up to make 92.

You have 9 and 2 in your Name Number. Both these numbers are mutually inimical to each other.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Inimical Numbers

Therefore you have an inbuilt conflict in this number between 9 & 2. To make this Name with No. 92 effective, you must have the support of your Day No. and Life Number. You should not have any inimical number there.

Numerology numbers such as Day No. 8 or Life No. 8 do not give good results for Name No. 92. No. 9 and 2 represent Mars and Moon. 8 is
inimical to both 9 and 2. So also a
birth number 7 will be unlucky to 92.

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Birthday Numerology
Numerology 7

If you have 7 as Day or Life No. in your birthday, you face another problem. 7 is inimical to 9 but friendly to 2. The combined 2 and 7 oppose the left out third number 9. This conflict reduces the power of 92.

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Name Component
Word In 7 & 8

Take care also to avoid 7 and 8 in the component words of your name. These are unlucky as per numerology. It is better to avoid even an initial with these numbers to ensure perfect numerology compatibility.

The Golden Rule is to avoid any internecine quarrels between the initial, component words, the total name effect, and your numerology numbers. If you have more than one initial, you have to consider each one.

Name component
Word In No. 3

Numerology Numbers 6 and 5 are not inimical to 9 or 2. If you have either of these as your Day or Life Number, they augment the beneficial power of 92. Take care to avoid a name component in No. 3 as it opposes 6.

Birthday Numerology
Negative Vibrations

Birthday Numerology for auspicious names holds that no syllable that makes up your name should carry any negative vibration. Names with Nun, NAN, WAR, DI, DIE, DYE, RUN, END, must be avoided to prevent bad luck.

If your name has letter combinations such as HIT in Hitler, MAD in Maddox, SAD or DAM in Saddam Hussein, know that you purchase misfortunes. Equally bad are syllables with LO, OO, KU, NO, MAR, DRA, and ILL.

Bad Phonology

In Sacred Bagavad Gita, Lord Krishna declares ‘Aksharaanaam Akaaros Me, Dwandha Saamaasi Gasya Cha!’ which means, “Among the Alphabets, I am the letter A, and I am in the Hidden Meanings in the Words’. BG Ch. 10-33

Lord Krishna here refers to Phonology. It has Phonetics and Phonemics. Phonemics studies the ‘Hidden Meaning In the Words’. It also looks into Etymology. Ignorant people call Phonology as Pronology.

Syntax & Semantics

Avoid bad phonology in your birthday numerology names. When we select names, we also examine the Morphology (study of word structure), Syntax (study of word order), and Semantics (intensive meaning in words).

Birth Day Numerology is not just alphabets and numbers. Each alphabet and number breathes life! Each radiates positive and negative vibes with meanings. Knowing this is the Secret of Success in Name Numerology.

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Basic Concepts

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