Numerology Love Compatibility Ensures Success in Your Love!

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Long Lasting Love

Numerology love compatibility ensures long lasting and satisfying love relationships.

If you plan a little before starting your love affair, you can avoid embarrassments and rejections.

It is here you get help from our site. If you're born with 1 or if your Life No. is 1, you're ruled by 1.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

About 4 & 1

you can have a very satisfying love affair with a love mate ruled by No. 4. No. 4 has an irresistible attraction towards you if you do have No. 1.

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Irresistible Attraction

True love grows and takes deep roots. It is possible only if you both have numerology love compatibility. Whether you marry or not, if you've this compatibility, you can have an unbreakable love relationship.

Ruled by No. 1, when you begin love with a person ruled by 4, that love mate will fall head over heels to please you. Even if you're wicked, your love mate responds with meek and unconditional submission.

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Numerology Love Compatibility
1 Dominates 4

Numerology love compatibility between I and 4 allows you to dominate, if you are ruled by Number 1. If your love mate is also ruled by No. 1 in her day number, life No. and name numbers he or she dominates you.

In general, Number 1 is more dominating and Number 4 always toes the dictates of No. 1. Here you find an excellent clue to preserve marriages. If you unite 1 with 4, they will have an unbroken and long relationship.

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Tips For Marriage

If you want to get your son married, and if he is ruled by No. 1, you can safely choose girls who are ruled by No. 4. In case she also has an evil life No. like 8, you've to get her name corrected as per numerology.

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2 Attracts 7

You also have a very good numerology love compatibility between 2 and 7. As if enchanted The 7 born are charmed by love mates ruled by No. 2. They dance to the tunes of the 2 born and remain firm in their love.

As per numerology, the 7 born should expect difficulties in married life. This rule is exempted when they fall in love with persons with No. 2. Marriages between 2 & 7 persons fructify with kids and riches.

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Name Correction

Numerology says love compatibility is endangered if your spouse has a weak life number of 8 or 9. In that case and also if the spouse has an evil Name No. 8, you've to correct his or her name as per numerology.

Number 9 is evil for 7, and it is evil for 2 as well. If the 7 born also has 9 in some form, name correction is the only remedy. He's to correct his name whether he marries a person ruled by 2 or not.

The Remedy

If your love life is unlucky, change your name at once. Take help from an expert who knows bioenergetics, Lecher Antenna, and Horary Astrology. Find your ideal name number, and get your name finalized in That No.

If you fail in love or if your mate has an evil number, you can approach Kannan M's Disciple Dr.J.Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa, through the contact page. She'll solve your problems by correcting your name with perfect numerology love compatibility.

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