Business Numerology - How To Design Lucky Brand Names

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Lucky Brand Names

Business numerology reiterates the importance of successful brand names to beat competition.

If you want your business to have roaring profits, you must ensure that you have lucky brand names.

Your brand name is as important as your personal and business names. It also decides your success.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Interesting Question

Last week I had an interesting letter on business numerology. Here we say that the numbers 28 and 29 are not so lucky. This client argues that some brand names in 28 and 29 are successful and wants to know how.

'Thanks for wonderful postings. However I have some doubts. You say that 28 & 29 are evil numbers. I found many big brand names that have skyrocketed in their business in
India and abroad.

How this is possible?"

Brands of contention

VOLVO - 29

Bookish Numerology
Miserably Fails

And here is my reply. Thanks for your note on business numerology and for your intelligent question about the success of some brand names in 28 & 29. It only proves here that Traditional Numerology miserably fails.

You can get lucky brand names only if you reject bookish numerology and apply the scientific innovations in numerology. To do this you must cross check your numerology findings with astrology and bioenergetics.

Correlate Numerology
With Astrology

Take for example Number 28. Number 2 is ruled by Moon and 8 ruled by Saturn. If in your natal and horary charts, Saturn and Moon refer to 1, 2, 10, and 11 of the main investors, 28 will prove outstandingly successful.

In number 29, 2 is ruled by Moon and 9 by Mars. Therefore, if Moon and Mars refer to 1, 2, 10, and 11 in the natal and horary charts of the main investors, then too the brands with No.29 will have outstanding success.

Business Numerology
Birth Time Of Brands

Not only this. The exact time of launching your brand name is extremely important in business & numerology. That is the birth time for that brand. It is as important as your birth time is. It must be an auspicious time.

Like wise, the inaugural moment when you start the company decides its success. It also decides its future conduct, image, name, fame, growth, and overall profits. It is the exact time of birth of your business venture.

Lucky Or Unlucky

If that time is ruled by lucky planets which refer to the 1st, 2nd, 10th, and 11th cusps in the horary chart for that brand, it will surely become famous and successful. If it is ruled by evil planets, it is doomed to fail.

Even if your personal astrology is lucky, as per business numerology, if your inaugural times are defective, then also correspondingly the name, fame, life, growth, and prospects of your brand names shall be affected.

The Exceptions

At the same time, there are some exceptions to these rules in business numerology. For example, let us take Infosis. The overall effect of I + N+ F+O+S+I+S = is present in the vibes of the collective word Infosys.

When we measure it by the Lecher Antenna if it confirms an overall lucky vibration, that too makes the brand very lucky. Like this we verify the correctness of numerology by measuring the overall vibration in a name.

Findings of Bio

This technique comes from the modern science of bio energetics. It is based on quantum physics, advanced molecular biology, and actual measurements of the subtle vibes coming from numbers and alphabets.

Don't Take Chances

In our system of business numerology, there is nothing left to chance. Every thing is measured before a conclusion is reached. We test such vibes in you, your name, brand names. and business names as well.

We cross check and verify our numerology results by bioenergetics and horary astrology. Whereas you don't verify any such thing in traditional numerology. That is why I say it is foolish to go by this bookish method.


The result if a brand is lucky in business numerology is a really complex phenomenon that involves all these calculations, measurements, assessments, and decisions in designing your business or brand names.

I hope this explains why certain brand names come out successful even though traditional or bookish numerology is clearly against those names.

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