Numerology Number 7
Lucky & Unlucky Days For
Day Number 7

Kannan M

Secret Of Success

For numerology of number 7, in addition to using lucky names and gems use your lucky days too.

To gain better luck make the best use of your lucky days. Don't begin anything on The Unlucky days.

Train your lucky days to bring good luck to you and tame your unlucky days by not empowering those days.

Use Your Lucky Days

Practice to make your Lucky Days and Lucky Numbers to work for you. Put these days into proper practice and you will have showers of good luck.

If you practice your lucky numbers regularly, you can become a highly successful artist, playwright, musician, dancer, film actor, movie director, reformer, preacher, or scientist. You can become a great lawyer too.

Your Lucky Numbers

As per numerology number 7, you are ruled by Ketu. As per Cheiro, it relates to Neptune, and Divinity. No. 2 is the best of your lucky numbers. You get success with 7 by training your Lucky Numbers work for you.

Your Lucky Days

Your lucky days are the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and the 29th. Your efforts on these days will meet with Success. You must utilize these days executing new projects, to start a business or begin a construction

Other Lucky Days

For your number 7, No. 1 too is lucky for you. Your second set of lucky days are the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th, and the days with the compound number 2 or 1. Execute plans on these days for lasting benefits.

The compound number is more powerful to give you continued benefits. If you do your actions on days with the compound number 2 or 1, you will get profits for several years from these projects.

Cultivating Lucky Days

If you have numerology number 7, you must train your lucky days well. This way, these days acquire special powers to throw lucky situations before you. You get success, if you execute your projects on these days.

These repeated efforts on your lucky days train these days well to confer on you special blessings of luck Many persons ignore the importance of lucky days. Do not make that mistake. These have tremendous powers.

Your Unlucky Days

For number 7, No. 8 is also unlucky. Therefore, your unlucky days fall on the 8th, 17th, and the 26th, of any month. You will fail in your projects, if you execute them on these unlucky days.

You must remember that No. 7 is also not lucky for you. 16th, will definitely produce evil results. Days ruled by 25 will be some what lucky. You should not do any new productive activities on these days.

Watch The Compound Number

For your numerology number 7, any day with a compound number of 8 or 7 will cause bad luck. If you execute your projects on these days. you will lose properties, appear in law suits, lose reputation, and earn a bad name.

Tame The Less Lucky

But there is no cause for alarm. Name-Numerology assures you that there is a remedy. You can tame these unlucky days. Avoid these negative days at any cost. Refuse to execute any new projects on such days.

The unlucky days are easily tamed, if you meditate on God, do prayers and offer worship to your God on these days. You should request to the Super Power, to tame these unlucky days from causing you hurt.

Correct Your Name

If you study numerology number 7, you know that if you want your lucky days to work, , you should also correct your name by an Expert Numerologist. An unlucky name, robs the powers of your lucky days.

A perfect name vibrates in harmony with your day number, life number and lucky number and lucky dates. It increases their powers by synergy. Why, it has the power to turn unlucky numbers and days in your favor.

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For Numerology Number 7

Take Scientific Help

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