Namealogy or Numerology         For Name Number 43

Kannan M

Name Number 43

Namealogy for Name No. 43 makes you feel aloof, lonely, left alone, and lost. No one understands you well.

It doesn’t give you success in your marriage, profession, or business. You repeatedly lose everywhere.

Your love life is disappointing and short lived. However hard you try, your nature shows up and you lose.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Analysis Of No. 43

Namealogy for Name No. 43 gives you a mixed personality. From childhood you show interest in all lofty things. 43 adds to 7. You are a mixture of the traits of numbers 4, 3, & 7. No. 7 has the final say on all matters.

Religion & Spirituality

You evince deep interest in matters of religion and spirituality. You read books on philosophy and religion. You enquire "who am I". You live like a miser. You don't show off. You abhor ostentation and exhibition of wealth.

Occult Studies

Namealogy for 43 makes you research into the occult. You study astrology, numerology, and about talking with spirits. You do not spend time with others. You consider it a total waste of time to chit chat on worldly matters.

Frugal & Thrifty

Your earnings are much less than the others. Even then you don't spend what you earn. You are very thrifty in spending. you dress in traditional old fashioned clothing. Pomp and fashion are foreign to your basic character.

Least Understood

Namealogy for 43 makes you a riddle to others. You have few friends. You talk to them much on spiritual matters. You don't leave them even if they feel sleepy. Most people do not understand you. They consider you a Bore.

You like to lead people of similar temperament. You like to give lectures on many lofty things. You pity the worldly people who run after money. You will make a good teacher in a convent, church, or in any religious institution.

When Afflicted

Namealogy of 43 gets afflicted if you meet with 6 in any form. Why? The 3 in 43 is inimical to 6. No. 6 is ruled by Venus who opposes the 3 of Jupiter. He makes you chase money like others. This conflicts with your real nature.

You are torn between feeling of worldliness and spirituality. Persons with 6 as name number or birth number will do you more harm than good. You should avoid a 6 person even if it is your wife, friend, or business partner.

Correct Your Name

It is not wise to retain your name in the namealogy of Name Number 43. As such you are already weak by your 4, 3, and 7. It is better for you to alter your name to a better number where the name vibrates in lucky vibrations.

A name has many alphabets, words, name parts, and numbers behind the alphabets. Each of these vibrates and your overall name has a resultant vibration. It must be lucky for you. Then only you can prosper in your life.

What Is In A Name

Unlike others we practice scientific namealogy. we examine all the vibes in the alphabets, numbers behind the alphabets, and the vibes of the individual name components. One will cancel another and one will augment another.

And finally your overall name gives out a resultant vibration. It must be in the lucky wave lengths on the Lecher Scale in the Lecher antenna. These additional features make your name more powerful than any name number.

Power Of Names

You can build a million evil names in the so called good name numbers like 19, and 41. A name vibrates in many more wave lengths and frequencies whereas a Name No. vibrates in much lesser wave lengths and frequencies.

Therefore the vibrational potential in a name is far superior to that of any name number. Yes. Your name is the most powerful. It overrides the traditionally spoken benefits of any Name Number including Name No. 43.

Have Timely Relief

This is not every thing about Name No. 43. Namealogy is an ocean. I have only surfed in this big ocean to give the broad insights of this science. Those who want to benefit from this rare knowledge should approach us for relief.

It is not your fault that your parents gave an inferior name in Name No. 43. But after knowing all this if you do not correct your name it is your fault. You have no right blame this world or your fate for your bad luck and sufferings.

Namealogy Of Names
And Mantras

For us the name number is just a number in namealogy with a limited vibrational capacity. But it is easily over shadowed by the vibes of the all powerful overall name. That is why our Sages used names to build mantras.

These mantras could build and destroy any thing. Such is the power of Names. The overall collective vibes of a name must be positive. Then only a name number begins to vibrate in lucky frequencies and do you any good.

When A Name Is

All these instructions in this numerology page are applicable only to those with defective names. When I give a perfect name I take care to see that you are no longer affected by the evil effects of 3,8, and 9.

In such cases, you can easily avoid loss if you correct your current name scientifically as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. You must also correct your business name for that business to make profits.

Take Scientific Help

If you are not lucky with your present name, better change it. Use  our expert help, in the contact page. We design and give you the most Lucky Baby Names, Lucky Business Names, & Lucky Personal Names.

We correct your signature, prescribe Lucky NumbersLucky Days, and Lucky Gems.  We confirm their accuracy by numerology, horary astrology, and with the Lecher Antenna to Ensure your Success!

Basic Concepts

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