Numerology for No. 4
Lucky And Unlucky Days
For Day Number 4

Kannan M

Importance Of Timing

In numerology you are born with 4 if you are born on a date either with day number 4 or with total No. 4

It is a general rule that if you take birth on a date with either number 4, then your lucky number is 1.

Lucky No. depends also on your Name. When you correct it, you will know your other Lucky Numbers.

Success or Failure

This occult science precisely defines the Lucky Days for your actions. It is based on your Lucky Numbers. You will succeed with your efforts on these days. You will end up with failure in any efforts, on your unlucky days.

Your Lucky Numbers

As per Numerology, your day number is 4. It is ruled by Rahu or Uranus. It is working as per the influence of other benefic and malefic planets in your horoscope. For you 1 is your lucky number. 8 and 7 are unlucky for you.

Numerology For No. 4
Your Lucky Days

Your Lucky days are the 1st, 10th, and 19th of every calendar month. What ever success you get on 28th, will be temporary, and short lived. No. 9 will give favorable results, if that day’s compound number is 1 or 5.

Training The Lucky Days

Numerology advises you to practice new ventures on the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th. This makes No. 1 charged with more power to give good results. These days are good for Investments, new business, and property deals.

Avoid Unlucky Days

Your unlucky days are the 8th, 17th, 26th, 7th, and 16th, in any month. Never venture any thing new on these days. Avoid doing productive activities. These days will bring defeat, sorrow, misery and sufferings.

Taming The Unlucky

On unlucky days it is better to pray, mediate, and try spiritual pursuits, doing your routine. Do not try any thing new. Tame your unlucky days like this. You should also tame those days with an unlucky compound Number.

Effects of No. 4

As per Numerology, you will face the unexpected on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st. You can not try any thing and succeed on these days. If you ought to do any thing, you can try if the compound number is favorable.

If it is unfavorable, you have to avoid making new efforts on that day. Some times, you will get happy occurrences on these days automatically. If you train your lucky no. 1, then 4 will be tamed and work in your favor

Important Useful

Take Scientific Help

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Basic Concepts

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