Numerology Meanings For 26 Impediments To Progress

Kannan M

Moon And Venus

Numerology meanings for 26 give you the benefits of 2 & 6. You are ruled by Moon in 2 & by Venus in 6.

As such you should climb to the top with your imagination and the attraction given to you by Venus.

But Saturn in 8, the total of 2 & 6 in 26 arrests you midway with too many obstacles and impediments.

The role Of Moon

Moon gives you a keen power to think, imagine, and dream about your chosen goals. But you lose time in thinking and day dreaming. You think more and act less. You lose time and give way to your competitors.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Actions Delayed

Name Numerology for 26 reveals that you delay actions to the last minute. You always forget something in your hurry. You're the kind of person who locks the door & then worries if he really locked it or not.

You are unsure about your success. You are shy. You worry too much. Fear of unknown dangers, faceless enemies, & worries about your future arrest your progress. Saturn takes advantage of your weaknesses.

Numerology Meanings
The Role Of Venus

Name Numerology for 26 reveal that you have an element of Venus in all your actions. You have a charming personality. People like you just like that. You impress them with your thoughts and power of speech.

You like to climb to success and come out on top of all others. But more often than not you get unexpected obstacles, financial difficulties, and interference from the Government. Saturn gives you these setbacks.

Stormy Love Life

Numerology meanings for 26 suggest that you will have a stormy love life. The charms you have by Venus give you good numerology love compatibility. But you have to face a lot of enemies in your love life.

But you get competition from other persons who interfere in your love affairs. Moon gives you the gift of the gab. You entice the other sex with your sweet words. Your lover is spell bound when you speak to her.

The Role of Saturn

Numerology for 26 explain the role of Saturn in your life. Like for others he gives you all the miseries, misfortunes, accidents, and sorrows. He defeats the efforts of Moon and Venus to elevate you in your life.

Business Numerology

If you have your personal and business names in 26 both names become unlucky for you. As per business numerology, your personal name is like the computer which controls a satellite from the ground station.

Numerology Meanings for 26 further add that your business is like the satellite propelled from the ground station. Your own name works like the ground station and your business name works like the satellite.

Loss of control

If your personal name is wrong, incorrect, or defective, it cannot control the propelled satellite to the correct destination. It gives out faulty instructions which make the satellite fail and crash into the seas.

Flawless Name

Numerology meanings reveal that if your own name is defective, you'll fail in your business. You cannot win even if your business name is okay. If you want success in business, 1st you must have a flawless name.

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