Study Numerology  Of 21  
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Kannan M

Numerology Meanings

If you study numerology of No. 21, you are impressed by the contrast and the opposite nature of 1 and 2.

Note the difference between 12 and 21. If you and another have 12 and 21, both will have opposite traits.

Numerology meanings for both 12 and 21 reveal that both of you are ruled by Jupiter and Name No. 3.

Day Number  Life Number   Name Number  Compound Number

You'll Like To Work
For Others

It is because, 2 and 1 in 21 or 12 add up to 3. Ruled by Jupiter, you will not like own business. You'll like jobs in private or Government firms.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Influence of 2 & 3

If you study numerology of 21 closely, you understand this influence of 2 and 3 on the native. If your name number is 21, the effect of 2 and 3 decides your prospects. You prefer service rather than do own business.

Numerology meanings for 21 reveal that you always aim for your own pleasure. You aim for quick money. You work hard. You get your lifts in due course. Your early life will be filled with struggles and difficulties.

Correct Your Name
Study Numerology

If you examine numerology of 21, you find that these persons are not as successful as the persons with name number 12. Unless you have a perfect name, it is not possible for you to climb the ladder of success.

As per numerology meanings, If your name number is 21, 2 influences you more than 1. In day to day life 2 and 3 dominate your traits and character. You live as per 2 & 3 and reach positions shown by 1 & 3.

Suits Only 3 Born

If you study numerology, you know that If you are born on 3, 12, 21, or 30 dates, or if your compound number is 3, then you can have 21 as your name number. Even with 3, 21 makes you work only for others' profits.

Numerology meanings confirm that unless you have 3 as your day or life number, a name in 21 will not benefit you. It does not suit persons with other numbers. If they've 21 in their names, they must correct it.

Search For Perfection

If you examine numerology of a 21 ruled person, you'll find him more imaginative. He will have astonishing talents in composing, poetry, and literary works. He'll search for perfection in any activity.

Numerology meanings for 21 convey that 21 delays execution of projects. The quest for perfection causes great delays. If you have your name number in 21, you have to correct your name to rectify this defect.

12 Better Than 21

When you further study numerology of 21, you find that if you have day number 2 and life number 1, there is not much of a conflict. Your birth numerology numbers support your name number 21 & you'll succeed.

Numerology meanings for 21 differ when 1 is your Day No. No. 1 stifles your imagination & drives you to act. It is against your nature. You are not satisfied, you make mistakes, & you will become depressed.

Beware Of 9 & 6

When you examine numerology of 21, you are cautioned against 9 as your day or life number. 9 is inimical to 2. You do actions to cause your own ruin. The remedy is to correct your name in a different Name No.

Numerology meanings for 21 reveal that it does not suit when you have 6 as your day or life number. 6 is against 3. It makes you cause your own downfall. You must at once correct your name in a lucky Name No.

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