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Hooks With Baits

If you are an early bird to name numerology, you are tempted by free Chaldean numerology readings.

You give your first and last names with email and presto! You get your instant free numerology reports.

These free numerology reports are instant soft ware reports, which are more general and less particular.

These do not guide any one correctly. These are just hooks with the baits to catch you, the tempted fish to bite, and end up paying for some thing!

Concealed Price Tags

Free Chaldean numerology readings give only broad info about your Day No, Life No., and Name Number. General stuff taken from old numerology books are fed to you in those pages, in the name of free reports.

You can not blame the makers of these reports. Today’s consumer falls for free offers. If he gets some thing free, he is tempted to try it. He does not realize that ultimately he is led to pay for some thing with little value.

End Up With Payment

When you study Chaldean Numerology, you understand that it is not as simple as the Pythagorean. It has more occult meanings for numbers and more intricate significance for the Names and Name Components.

Chaldean Numerology is most difficult to master. It is not possible to give accurate free Chaldean numerology readings to fit any one personally. If you fall for these reports, and need advice, then you have to pay for it.

The Pitfalls

If free Chaldean Numerology readings are correct, its followers should have turned rich by now. In reality, it has never happened. You are very lucky if these do not mislead you with incorrect advice, which can harm you.

If you follow these free readings, you may land up with grief. As you do not pay, you can not hold any one responsible. Not only that. You do not have the commitment to follow any thing, for which you do not pay.

The Constraints

In free Chaldean numerology readings, you can not have personal email, consultation, or clear your doubts. You can not ask for a choice and there is no one to convince you that you have got the perfect advice.

You can not practice such free recommendations with heart and soul. There is no one to correct you when you make a mistake. Therefore, it is better for you to approach an expert, pay him, and follow his advice.

Rags To Riches

Name Numerology can lift you from rags to riches. You do not lose any thing in making a small payment to a professional for his personal service. It is a tiny investment when you compare it with your huge benefits.

It is far better than to jump from following one set of free Chaldean numerology readings to another free set, in your hunt for correct advice.

Take Scientific Help

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