Name Numerology Meanings For
Day Or Name Number 29

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Name Number 29

As per Name Numerology, you are ruled by 29, if you are born on the 29th, or if your name number is 29.

You are not born for peace and amity. You like to take revenge. You take pleasure in others sufferings.

Numerology of 29 turns out quarrelsome citizens. They pose like heroes and call others villains.

They fight for trivial things. 2 as Day or Life No. sharpens these qualities.

Blow Their Trumpets

Name Numerology of 29 makes them highly selfish. But they pose as if they are very good. They constantly blow their own trumpets. They act as if they are full of courage. But, they inwardly cringe and are afraid.

Numerology of 29 makes them, afraid of their superiors. But, they torment and torture others below them. They never see eye to eye with others. They come up with objections, some how or other.

Duty Of Parents

Name Numerology for 29 makes them to sue and go to courts, even for small problems. Their parents should mold their character, when they are young. Otherwise, they do a great injustice, by releasing such children.

These parents must not allow such kids to mix with evil company. Numerology of 29 has not produced any great soul. On the other hand, we know that number 29 has produced many magicians, and tricksters.

Succeed In Business

As per name numerology for 29, though they have a war like nature, if they enter into a business, they earn a lot. If they are not engaged like that, they will create wars within their own family members.

Diagnosis Of No. 29

Numerology of No. 29 defines it as quite unlucky. It is obvious, if you examine this number. No. 29 is made of 2 and 9, representing Moon and Mars. These two numbers and their planets are inimical to each other.

Name Numerology declares that there should not be enmity between the components of a number. In this case, 2 is against 9. Moon is against Mars. Each one is busy fighting the other and your welfare is neglected.

More on 2 And 9

Numerology of 2 and 9 is also unlucky, if you have one as your Day No. and the other as Life Number. In stead of being your Guardian Angels, these numbers fail in your times of need, due to their own internal fight.

Name Numerology asserts that 2 and 9 have no numerology compatibility. If your wife has 2 and you have 9, you can never be a happy, in your marital life. This combination drives you, to dig for your own down fall.

What Is The Remedy

If your name is in 29, you change it at once. Take help from an expert who knows bioenergetics, Lecher Antenna, and Horary Astrology and he will find your ideal name number. Have your name, fixed in that number.

Numerology warns you that 29 as a date, is also unlucky. If you do any activity, it will abort, and you will lose. If your wife has 2 and you have 9, take expert help, to do the correction, to ward off the evil effects of 29.

Take Scientific Help

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