Name Numerology Meanings
For Name Number 22

Kannan M

Influence of Moon

Name Numerology for 22 must be analyzed from the structure of 22. If you add 2 and 2 in 22, you get 4.

Therefore you are influenced by No. 4. As 4 is ruled by Rahu, you are also influenced by this planet Rahu.

Numerology meanings of 22 reveal presence of two Moons. If you have 22, you are ruled twice by Moon.

Ruled By Rahu

No. 2 is ruled by Moon. But 22 adds to 4 which is Rahu. Moon and Rahu are inimical to each other. Therefore, there does not exist any kind of numerology compatibility between Moon and Rahu. Rahu devours Moon.

When does Rahu control you? Name numerology says that if you are born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st of any month, you are ruled by 4 & Rahu.

If the date, month, and year of your birth date add up to a final total in No. 4, your Life Number is 4, and in this case too you are ruled by Rahu.

You are also ruled by Rahu when your name number is 22. That happens if the numerical values of all the alphabets in your name add up to make 22.

Strange Character

Numerology meanings of 22 convey that you have a strange character. You like both good and bad. But the evil elements in bad attract you more. Therefore, you will look for special opportunities to drift into evil ways.

Moon & Rahu

Name numerology for 22 is like this because you are ruled by two inimical planets. Moon is good, kind, cooling, and benevolent. It rules your mind. But Rahu is a demon, a serpent, and an evil. It is bent on devouring Moon.

Evil Tendencies

Numerology meanings for 22 reveal that Fate offers many opportunities for you to go into evil paths. You like drinks, drugs and intoxication. You are attracted by pubs and hide outs. You prefer races, gambling, and Casinos.

Name Numerology for 22 further reveals that You will be an authority on all types of information. However, you will be attracted by evil friends. You will have sway and attract evil friendships by the power of Rahu and No.4.

Watch Your Friends

Numerology meanings for 22 reveal that you have good talents to make money. You will win in competitions, races, gambling, and other evil ways. You will be surrounded by people who wait for exploiting your weakness.

Therefore, name numerology for 22 cautions you to be more careful even with your near and dear. You have to keep a constant watch over your friends too. Any one of them or a group of these persons will cheat you.

Lines of Business

Numerology meanings for 22 further disclose that you can make money by printing press, computers, publications, textile mills, and transport industries. You also earn by hotels, casinos, gambling clubs, and cinemas.

Name numerology for 22 declares that you are an extrovert and you get along very well with others. Therefore, you will be successful in any field of activity or business which involves a large number of people.

Keep Good Advisers

Numerology meanings for 22 advise you therefore to always keep well meaning true friends and advisers around you. You have to listen to them and follow their directions even if these are against your personal wish.

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