Name Numerology Meanings
For Name Number 85

Kannan M

Ruled By 8 & 5

You get a very thorough analysis of No. 85 in Name Numerology. 8 and 5 add to 13 that adds up to Number 4.

As such No. 4 controls you from the start. No. 4 is ruled by Planet Rahu and it decides your day to day life.

As per numerology meanings, both No. 8 and 5 influence you. Saturn rules over No. 8 and Mercury over 5.

Saturn & Mercury

As per name numerology, Saturn and Rahu dominate your life. How? Rahu is in your name number 85. Saturn is in 8 of No. 85. You enjoy results of these three planets in the order of Saturn, Rahu, and Mercury.

As per numerology meanings, Rahu gives you materialistic knowledge. But you use it only for others. You do not use it to your benefit. Even if you try your hand and work for any business, Saturn prevents it by obstacles.


As per your name numerology what is the role of Saturn? It overwhelms Mercury. Therefore the initiative, enthusiasm, enterprise and innovation due to Mercury are all subdued by the influence of Saturn.

As per numerology meanings, Saturn gives you many obstacles. You have to try very hard to attain any thing. You get results only after repeated efforts. Your efforts are more and your results are scanty.

Spiritual Growth

As per name numerology for 85, you are forced to lead a live of poverty. You do not slip into evil ways. You use the intelligence given by Mercury in helping others. You are very good and kind to every one.

As per numerology meanings for 85, you volunteer to help others when they suffer. You climb in the Divine Ladder by serving the sick, poor, and the helpless. You enrich your knowledge and attain spiritual growth.

New Ideas

As per name numerology for 85, this experience of helping others gives you a new vision about life. You think differently and express new ideas on humanity and religion. You give new interpretations for the holy Scriptures.

As per numerology meanings for 85, you can become a great person like Mahatma Gandhi. It makes you happy when you Serve the poor and sick. You want to learn medicine. You can shine very well in the medical field.

Loved By All

As per name numerology for 85, you treat the poor with out any fees. This makes you rise in the vision of the public. You attain a position where people mentally worship you. You are loved by every one.

You are cut out to become a pure Saint. Such is your personality. But all persons of 85 do not take to renunciation. On the other hand, you strive to achieve realization and liberation by fulfilling your duties.

When Afflicted

As per name numerology for 85, there can be thousands of names in 85. All will not possess the above qualities.. Numbers such as 8 and 7 in your name, day number, or life number reduce the goodness in 85.

As per numerology meanings, if you have negative letters in your name, it causes evil effects. Negative letters such as war, ash, end, die, wane should not get into your name. This protects you from their evil effects.

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