Numerology Meanings For 35
What Prevents Your Success?

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Perplexed About Future

Numerology meanings for 35 reveal that though you are honest and hard working you do not meet your goals.

You face obstacles right from your birth. Childhood diseases remain chronic and refuse to get cured.

You face obstacles in your education and impediments in your career. You are perplexed about your future.

The Real Reasons

You face these troubles due to Saturn. It is he who caused those obstacles and difficulties. Where does Saturn come from? Look at your Name No. It is 35. Add 3 & 5. You get 8. And that is Saturn's number.

Role of Jupiter

Name Numerology for 35 reveals that you always get mixed results. You are not able to taste success. Jupiter in 3 of 35 makes you too honest to come up in life. You lose your good chances in life by being too honest.

But Jupiter blesses you with a keen intellect and a quick understanding. You have a good grasp of things. You are too loyal to your superiors. You command your subordinates to be honest and invite their hatred.

Role of Mercury

Name Numerology for 35 further reveals that you are also influenced by Mercury in your Name No. Mercury makes you a non stop worker. Profit or loss you are steady in your work. You are highly creative.

You do things at a quick pace. You get new ideas all the time. But true to Mercury's nature, you shift your priorities very often. You are mercurial in your temperament. This weakness creates many enemies for you.

Numerology Meanings
Role of Saturn

Numerology meanings for 35 foretell that Saturn applies the breaks in all your efforts to succeed. He assails you with miseries, misfortunes, sorrows, and accidents. If you do not get success, it is due to Saturn.

Saturn makes your subordinates revolt against you. Even your family is not grateful. They too hate you as you are too busy to attend to their needs. Your boss and superiors do not applaud your good work.

Mechanical Love Life

Numerology meanings for 35 reveal that being so dedicated to your job gives you little time to mix intimately with your family members. Even your kids share their problems only with your wife and not with you.

Your attempts in love meet with half success. You are not overt in showing your love. You don't employ the fine techniques the lovers use to entice their beloveds. You lack numerology love compatibility to entrap them.

The Remedy

Numerology meanings reveal the secret of success with name number 35. If you correct your name to a different lucky number with strong lucky vibes, you too can be successful. You must do it by going to a real expert.

Ensure that he knows how to measure the vibes in a name. He must know bioenergetics to make it have proper sync with your body mind vibrations. He must infuse good vibes and delete the bad vibes in your name.

Name Is All Powerful

Numerology meanings for 35 add that though your Name No. is 35, if your name is made flawless using the above techniques, you will not face any failure in life. Name is always superior to to your Name Number.

Name Numerology confirms that whatever be your birth numbers or name numbers, if you have a flawless name with only the lucky vibrations, no one can prevent your success. It is a secret in numerology.

Verify By Astrology

Numerology meanings for 35 further advise you to verify and confirm if your name is really lucky by horary astrology. Your expert will always triple check if your name will really be lucky to you in your life.

Take Scientific Help

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