Numerology Meanings For
Name Number 57

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Know The Meanings

Before you choose a name number, you must know its numerology meanings. Especially if yours is 57.

Know that each name number is unique in giving results depending on your birth numerology numbers.

If you want to have your name in 57, you must be born with 3 as your day number or your life number.

Day Number 3

If you are born on 3, 12, 21, or 30 dates in any month, your day number is 3. Ruled by Jupiter, 57 will suit you. But it gives only inferior results.

Not For Every One

If you add the date, month, and year values of your birth day and get a total of 3, your Life number is 3. As per name numerology you are ruled by Jupiter and therefore 57 may suit you. But not for other persons.

If you are born with any other day or life number, 57 will not suit you. You will meet with obstacles, difficulties, and failures repeatedly. The only remedy for you is to correct your name as per rules of name numerology.

Numerology Meanings
Better To Avoid

Even when your numerology number is 3, as per name numerology, it is better for you to avoid 57. I have seen many such persons who suffered by having their names in 57. They made initial progress but failed later.

As per name numerology for 57, you make an initial progress, reach certain positions, but lose them later on and end up as a failure. Or you suddenly lose interest in your business affairs and it dies a natural death.

Numerology Meanings
Play of No. 5 & 7

Name Numerology for 57 can be better understood like this. The 5 in 57 goads you into action to achieve certain goals. It goes on for a while. Then suddenly the 7 in 57 makes you lose interest in what you do.

As a result many persons with 57 become famous for a while and fade into oblivion after some time. They will never be able to regain those lost positions, as name numerology of No. 7 diverts their attention elsewhere.

Marriage Turns Sour

The same thing happens in your married life. Numerology meanings for 5 make you fond of changes. Your initial love changes later. To add fuel to the fire, No. 7 makes you lose interest in your marital life.

Name numerology of 5 makes you change your love too. You begin to try multiple relationships. Soon you become disenchanted. Or you take it for granted that living together relationships are better than marriage.

Correct Your Name

Numerology meanings for 57 conclude that 57 is not a safe name number. In case by accident you have 57 in your name, your business name, or your baby names, you have to correct them immediately.

When ever you correct your name, do it as per name numerology. Verify the planetary vibrations by horary astrology. Measure the Name Vibrations by an expert in bioenergetics and the use of Lecher Antenna.

Take Scientific Help

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