Numerology Readings
For Name Number 87

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Name Number 87

In this page we shall analyze the numerology readings for name number 87. Here 8 precedes 7.

Though these numbers are only reversed in 78 and 87, it causes a world of difference in character.

In the name numerology of 87, 8 takes the command. It makes you suffer bad luck in your life.

Evils Of Saturn

There is a big difference in characteristics between 78 and 87. Please note here that 7 just follows 8. No. 8 is the leader and it can not do any good. It can only harm you with its evils like miseries and misfortunes.

Saturn And 87

It is what Saturn in 8 does to 7 and you with his evils. 7 or Planet Ketu becomes quite helpless. He walks behind 8 as a silent spectator. Hence numerology readings confirm that you get very unlucky results from 87.

Watch any one with name number 87. If he is rich, investigate how he made his money. You will invariably find that he earned his wealth by unethical means like bootlegging, womanizing, extortion, or gambling.

If you research the life of prisoners and the accused lot, you will find more of the 8 persons in their midst. This is an important finding in name numerology. Saturn tempts them to earn in unlawful evil ways.

Numerology Readings
Mystic Powers

Both 8 and No. 7 signify occult things and mysticism. Therefore, if your name is in 87, you will possess many secret powers. Mystic energies flow through you. This is an important finding in numerology.

Name numerology for 87 also reveals that you can control serpents, wild animals, and spirits. Such mystic powers make you pose as a yogi or saint and cheat. Girls easily fall for you. You can steal boldly at midnight.

Attract Evils

Numerology readings for this number confirm that it is these people who commit crimes with out blinking an eyelid. Many third rate criminals from the low lying slum areas possess name numerology of name number 87.

Number 87 afflicts one with childhood poverty and various diseases. It attracts one to boot legging, drug peddling, and mixing with immoral women. Name numerology of 87 attracts one to evil habits and women.

Unlucky Number

Numerology readings for 87 confirm that it is a highly unlucky number. Though you earn much none of it sticks to you. It goes down the drains just the way it is as soon as it comes. You remain constantly in wants.

George Bernard Shaw was a great learned man and philosopher of his times. He confides that the name numerology 8 made him to cherish criminal thoughts. He reveled in fantasies of committing deadly crimes.

When Afflicted

Numerology readings for 87 confirm that this effect is more pronounced in a person if he is born with 8 or 9. As 9 is inimical to 7, and 8 is also inimical to 7, it worsens the numerology characteristics of Name No. 87.

Likewise, you suffer extreme bad luck if you have 8 or 9 in your initials, first name, middle name, or in your surname. 8 and 9 are inimical to 7. In such a situation, you must build enough compensation in your name.

The Remedy

You get such a compensation only if you apply the measure and find out techniques of bioenergetics. When we do it, we change the alphabets and keep measuring and testing the vibes till these become lucky to you.

When your name contains an evil element in its name components, we correct it naturally by the above methods. We ensure that the overall name has a beneficial vibe which makes the name really lucky to you.

Take Scientific Help

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