Science of Numerology
Regulates Our Fate

Kannan M

Life, Destiny, And Science Of Numbers

Do you believe in Numerology? Or in Fate? You may not. However, it exists for you, me and every one.

Why? Whether you are born rich or poor, tall or short, beautiful or ugly, you have no control over it.

It is all Controlled by Your Fate!

Nothing Happens By Chance

Your gene contains electronically coded information on all design details about your physical body and mental make up. From the tip of your hair, to the end of your toe nail, nothing is created by chance. It is Fate!

Study of Fate Leads Us To Believe
In Science of Numbers

Like you many do not believe in Fate. If it is so, you can make your own observations to find out, if in reality, Fate exists or not. A scientific study of Fate leads you to the occult science of numbers.

For example, you notice perfect order in the Cosmos, from the Galaxies above, down to the minutest atomic particles. Such a scientific precision and order is not possible with out universal engineering designs.

Perfect Order In the Cosmos
And The Microcosm

This perfect order and design has been pre programmed, even in the sub atomic particles, proton, neutron, electron, positron, and meson. You notice perfect order also in the minutest particle of your life, in your gene.

Designed By Science
Of Numbers

Renowned philosophers say that every human being is controlled by numbers and a numerical code. Just like numbers exit to locate a book in a library, God uses numbers to design all things in his creation.

Scientific order with engineering designs is not possible with out using mathematical calculations. Every such calculation involves Numbers. You know that you can not do any calculations with out applying Numbers.

Nature Itself Is Controlled By
Science of Numbers

Numbers play a vital role in Nature. We use Numbers to define time, speed, distance, height, weight, birth, decay, and death. Every thing in Nature is characterized and identified by these Numbers.

Our Entire Knowledge Still Can Not
Grasp True Realities

Who in the world knows Every Thing? No such person exists. There is so much in this Creation, which is beyond human knowledge. This is where, occult treasures like Scriptures and Numerology, come to our Rescue!

A Superior Control Exists

Who revealed these occult treasures like numerology to Great Saviors in every cult? This leads us to the fact that there exists a Superior Force Governing Nature, which reveals this divine knowledge to a chosen few.

It is Known As The
God Force

All world religions acclaim this super power as the God Force. Does God know mathematics, Atomic Energy and the Science of Numbers? You dismiss these questions on the Omniscient God, as innocent and childish.

Omnipotence, Omnipresence And
Omniscience Of God Force

With out being the Author of all sciences how was it possible for God to ensure perfect order in his Creation? Therefore, you firmly believe that God, The Creator Knows Every thing about these things!

How man got his knowledge? Who created all these languages? Who created Numbers? Who created alphabets and grammar? And how man got all this knowledge? The Holy Bible beautifully answers these questions.

God Revealed All Knowledge To Man
The Book Of King Solomon

Here below we quote from Apocrypha related to The Holy Bible. In this the word wisdom relates to all sciences and knowledge from atomic energy, astronomy and numerology. (From The Book Of King Solomon).

"For God Himself gave me an unerring knowledge of the things that are, To know the constitution of The world,
The Beginning and The End And Middle of All Times,
The alterations of The Solstices,
The Changes in The Seasons,
The positions of The Planets,
The Nature of living creatures, And
The thoughts of Men.
All things that are either secret or manifest I learned, For, He, That is The Artificer of All Things, Taught me This Wisdom."

The Findings of Ancient Hindu Sages

Lord Krishna revealed Cosmic Knowledge to Arjuna. Like wise, God revealed all Knowledge to the Elevated Hindu Sages.

All sciences were taught like this by God in India and other parts of the world & universe to Benefit All Mankind & those living in outer space.

Like this, the Occult Science of numbers, the Relation between Numbers, Alphabets, and Planets was taught to the Chosen Few. And they did not want this High Knowledge to pass into the hands of quacks.

Knowledge Handed Down By
Disciplic Succession

As times passed, such great men became rare, and their work was to be retrieved from cryptic slokas from the old manuscripts. Even now such Indian Sages live in the caves of Himalayas who teach it to the deserving.

We use Scientific Knowledge to protect us from heat and cold. Like wise, The Intelligent use the Occult Science of Numerology to protect them from the Sufferings of Life and Attain health, wealth happiness and success!

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