Astrology Numerology Predictions
For Name Number 71

Name Number 71

Here is the astrology numerology predictions for name number 71. Is 71 one of your name numbers?

71 adds to 8. If your Name is in 71 you are ruled by Ketu, Sun, and Saturn. Ketu rules No. 7, Sun rules Number 1, and Saturn rules No. 8.

No. 71 makes you experience the results of all the 3 planets.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Not So Lucky

Numbers 71 and 8. Or Ketu, Sun, and Saturn. This is not a lucky set of planets or numbers.

Planets Ketu in 7 and Saturn in 8 rob the benefits of No. 1 or Sun in the Name Number 71.

It makes you suffer with bad luck and consequences which are terrible

Astrology Numerology
For Ketu And No. 71

Why? Astrology numerology studies proclaim that Ketu was a cursed demon. He does not permit you financial prosperity. He also denies success in love affairs. He denies success in marriage and married life.

He also delays child birth. He makes you scorn pleasures in life. He makes you lead a simple, pure, and ascetic life. If spoiled by numbers 9 or 8 in your name, he makes you join wicked persons and ruin your life.


Astrology Numerology uses astrology as a tool to verify the accuracy of numerology results. Suppose you derive 100 good names as per name numerology. Among them only one will pass testing by horary astrology.

It is used to correct defective numerology names in Numbers 70 or 71. First measure these defects by Lecher Antenna. Then modify the letters and measure these names again. And test them again for lucky results.

Role Of Astrology

This will leave only one or two names for you to choose from. To find the best name test each one by horary astrology. Study the effects of ascendant and 11th cusps. If these are good then it is your lucky name.

The idea is many names in 71 can be evil due to the evil vibrations present in the name components. These evil vibes are first removed by bioenergetics. Then the best name is chosen by horary astrology tests.

Analysis Of No. 71

Name No. 71 contains 2 numbers. 7 & 1. No. 7 is ruled by Ketu. No. 1 is ruled by Sun. Hence name number 71 gives the mixed results of Ketu & Sun. You are both strong and weak. You are both courageous and timid.

Ketu gives you a great capacity to pick up knowledge. This astounds those around you. Many don't understand you. You are a riddle to them. They cannot think like you and they brand you as an eccentric.

Role Of Sun In No. 71

Sun gives you the power, courage, and strength. With name number 71, you use this knowledge from Ketu to become a source of power and get leadership qualities. You will shine in altruistic areas for public good.

You will make a successful politician, orator, scientist, and lawyer. You will also be skilled in fine arts, music, dance, and acting. You will like to work as the head in any religious institution which needs preaching.

The Saturn Factor

Please note that 71 adds up to 8. And Saturn rules this number 8. As per astrology numerology research 71 gives the resultant effects of Saturn or 8. What does Saturn give? Miseries, misfortunes, and sorrows.

These maladies appear in your life in the form of incurable diseases and accidents. You will face Loss of parents, Child hood Poverty, Drowning in water, Thefts, Bankruptcy, Fire and Road accidents, or plane crashes.

Effect of Numbers 9 & 8

Astrology numerology literature proclaims that 7 is inimical to 9 and 8. Therefore be careful when you deal with persons with No. 9. You can not be lucky if 71 is spoiled by 9 or 8 in your name or business name.

If 9 or 8 is unavoidable in your names, you have to correct such defects by suitable rearrangement of alphabets in your name. You must do this rectification also in your business name. Do this by taking expert help.

In such cases, you can easily avoid loss if you correct your current name scientifically as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. You must also correct your business name for that business to make profits.

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